The Galaxies Lab

Lab 8, Laboratory Textbook for Elementary Astronomy, Dittmann, Lahaise & Lahaise

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Edwin Hubble's Original Tuning Fork Diagram

Hubble Tuning Fork with examples

Milky Way (infrared)

COBE Satellite

Milky Way (artist conception)


Elliptical 1

Galaxy M49 from NOAO

Elliptical 2

Galaxy NGC4660 from Hubble Space Telescope

Galaxy 1

M100 from NOAO

Galaxy 2

M104, Sombrero Galaxy from ESO

Galaxy 3

NGC 4565 from NOAO

Galaxy 4

M51, Whirlpool Galaxy, HST

Galaxy 5

M66 from HST

Galaxy 6

M82 from HST

Galaxy 7

M87 from Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope / Coelum

Galaxy 8

M88 from NOAO

Galaxy 9

M91 from NOAO

Galaxy 10

M94 from

Galaxy 11

NGC 4458 from HST

Galaxy 12

NGC 1300 from HST

Galaxy 13

NGC 1309 from HST

Galaxy 14

NGC 1427 from HST

Galaxy 15

M109 from NOAO

Credits: HST (Hubble Space Telescope), NOAO (National Optical Astronomy Observatory), ESO (European Southern Observatory), NASA/JPL-Caltech,, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope / Coelum

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