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Grundschule am Mengendamm, 1974

Exploratorium, San Francisco, 2008

Animal Kingdom, Orlando, 2008



Professional Background Courses taught at GPC
  • College Physics 1 lecture/lab PHYS 1111, PHYS 1111L: Mechanics, Thermodynamics

  • College Physics 2 lecture/lab PHYS 1112, PHYS 1112L: Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Modern Physics

  • Introductory Astronomy 1 lecture/lab , ASTR 1010, ASTR1010L,The Solar System

  • Introductory Astronomy 2 lecture/lab, ASTR 1020, ASTR 1020L, Stars and Galaxies 

  • Integrated Science for Early Childhood Education Majors, ISCI 2002, Physical Science

  • WebCT Vista is used as an online course delivery system in all my online and face to face classes (WebCT Vista pointers).

Professional Interests


Private Interests
  • Anything Science (the other sciences are not too shabby either)
  • Gardening (I wish I had more time for it)
  • Ethnic Cuisines (eating rather than cooking)
  • Yoga (my life insurance)
  • Piano (I'm learning with my kids)
  • Traveling (to get away from it all and get fresh perspectives)
  • Spending time with my kids (if they are NEITHER fighting NOR defiant NOR destructive!)
  • The Human Condition (why we are the way we are)

Contact Information

street address: Georgia Perimeter College, 3251 Panthersville Rd., Decatur, GA 30034

office:  SB-2263

office phone: (678)891-2611

e-mail: ulahaise@gpc.edu

Updated June 7, 2008