Can't see videos or other links in the course ?  (this does not include MML - see  for issues with MML)

To make certain iCollege will run properly, run the USG Browser Checker 

If none of that fixes it, go to  and download the latest version of flash.

Also, update your java by going to
(this is the windows version so if you have a Mac I can give you a different link or I am sure you can find it on there).

If the videos or other things in the course still don't work, call the service desk  678-891-3460 (hours are Mon - Thurs 7 am - 9pm; Fri 7 am - 6 pm; Sat & Sun 8 am - 5 pm) or you can email them at, but the best thing is to call during business
hours because even though you may have to be on hold for a while, you will usually get an answer more quickly over the phone than by email. At the beginning of the semester they are getting a lot of calls and requests, so it may take some time, but be persistent because you don't want to get behind! :)
More info about the service desk:

Be sure to get your issue taken care of right away. If you follow all these steps, including calling the help desk and you still can't see the videos, then email me right away (and include your incident/ticket number from the service desk so I will know you contacted them).