Scroll down for crucial information that you are responsible for reading and checking at least three times per week!


Please see for instructions on how to sign up for your final exam appointment. 
These are first come, first served so if you need a specific time or campus, sign up ASAP.  You can change your
appointment up until the system
closes on April 30th.  As you
know the final exam must be taken on campus Friday, May 2 or Saturday, May 3.


Click here for quick reference calendar of due dates!!

Updated daily!  
the page EACH time you
open it
or you will miss the new



Scroll all the way down to see the announcements from the entire semester.

See links below:

If you don't see any new announcements listed below be sure to refresh/reload the page EACH time you open it. 

FINAL EXAM APPOINTMENTS must be made by April 30th - Scroll up to the top ~second column for details

May 2   Pay no attention to the column that says "final grade average".  This is just a working number.  I have not done all final calculations on your grade until you see the "FINAL ADJUSTED GRADE".  Once you see that you'll know it's your absolute final grade.  Please have patience if you email me about your grade I am getting a lot of emails (I have about 125 students right now).  If you take the final exam today, I hope to have an adjusted final grade posted for you tonight, but it will definitely be there by tomorrow night.  For those taking the exam Saturday, it will be there no later than Sunday night.  If you have questions, please wait until you see the final adjusted gradeThanks!

Also - - About the points for the evaluation - - I will be adding those to your QUIZ AVERAGE only instead of just to one quiz.  It's been to hard to have to add them to different quizzes for different people since some people had that quiz dropped.  Adding 10 points to one quiz increases your quiz average by 1.1111111....  so I will be letting you have a little extra by adding 1.3 points to your quiz average.   If you did the evaluation by today as instructed in the announcements, those points will be added sometime late tonight.  So you will see the change in a new column called "QuizaverageMay2nd" to reflect that.  Changing the quiz average by 1.3 will affect your overall grade anywhere from about 0.05 to 0.5 overall depending on what your quiz average was to begin with.  In other words, don't expect this to make a huge change in your overall average (at most 1/2 a point) because it was just 10 points on one quiz and that is not going to have a significant impact on your overall average, though you will see a small change.
May 1
   Averages going into the final have been posted under “Grades” in iCollege.  

Please read carefully!

Click on "Grades" and look at the very last grade called "AverageBEFOREfinalEXAM". This is your current average. [I dropped the two lowest participation discussion grades, the five lowest homework grades, and the two lowest quiz grades.] 

This grade was determined by using the percentages given in the syllabus.  You can see in the My Stat Lab gradebook your individual grades on each of those.  I have only posted the overall average in iCollege, not each individual grade since you can see them in My Stat Lab.

This grade was found by doing this:  (Homework Average * 25% + Midterm * 20% + Participation Average * 5% + Quiz Average * 20%) / 70%  (because this is only 70%  total of your grade overall and you still have to earn the last 30% from the final exam)

Currently these INDIVIDUAL grades are only visible in My Math Lab.  **Remember that if you took two attempts on a quiz only the highest grade is kept.**

To calculate what you “need” to make on the final to earn a certain grade:

As you know from the syllabus, the final exam is 30% of your overall grade. 
Therefore you can take the average that has now been posted in “Grades” in iCollege as “Average going into the final” as your current grade and use this formula.

This is how your grade will be calculated:
(0.70)*current grade + (0.30)*final exam = Final Grade in course

So let’s say you want to know what you need to make on the final exam to make an “A” (which would be a minimum of 89.5% overall). [If you’re trying to see what you would need to make a “B” use 79.5, for “C” use 69.5, and so on.]
So, you have (0.70)*current grade + (0.30)*final exam = 89.5 (to have an A)

We want to “solve” for “final exam” to see what we would need to make, so subtract 
(0.30)*final exam = 89.5 – (0.70)*current grade

Divide by (0.30)

What is needed on Final exam = (89.5 - (0.70)*current grade)/0.30

So, here’s an example.

Let’s say you look at your posted grade and it’s a 92. You want to know what you need on the final to maintain an “A”.

Final exam = (89.5 – (0.70)*92)/0.30 
Final Exam = (89.5 – 64.4)/0.30
Final Exam = (25.1)/0.30
Final exam = 83.67   So you would need an  83.67 % or higher on the final exam to keep an “A” 

Here’s one more example:

Let’s say you have an overall average of 85 right now and you want to know what you would need to make on the exam to keep a “B” average. [use 79.5 average as your target grade since that would round up to 80] 

Final exam = (79.5 – (0.70)*85)/0.30 
Final exam = (20)/0.30
Final exam = 66.7   So you would need a 66.7% or higher on the final exam to keep a “B” 

Good luck, everyone! 

April 30      Even though this was in the most recent discussion, not everyone posted and it never hurts to repeat this one more time.  ;)

By now you have an appointment to take your exam this Friday May 2 or Saturday May 3.

You must have a photo ID (such as a GPC student ID, drivers license, passport) or you will not be allowed to take the test. 

Don't forget to be ON TIME to your scheduled appointment as your two hours will begin at the time the session starts, not when you arrive. Be sure you have the room # written down and you know how to get there (see

Be sure you have a TI 83 or 84 calculator with you as you will not be allowed to use a TI-86, 89, 92 (or similar), TI-Nspire, Casios, HPs, or your phone. 

Be sure you have a pencil - scrap paper will be provided. You do not need a scantron since the test is given within icollege. It is multiple choice.  You will have two hours for the 40 questions.

Remember that you will be given formulas (there is a "link" you will click on in the very first question of the exam).   The formulas are posted in the announcements and you should print it out so that you are familiar ahead of time with which formulas will be on it.

Best wishes to everyone!  Thank you for a wonderful semester! 


April 28
Please remember there are final exam reviews here:  and there is also a link there with "frequently asked questions" from the review in MyStatLab.  So if you are working on that one and get stuck, you may see that it is already explained in that link for the frequently asked questions. :)

April 24
So sorry about the weird discussion date on Topic 10!  I didn't notice it said to "post by Nov. 26th" in the middle of it and I actually meant to extend it from the original date to Sunday, April 27th!  So, I am reopening Discussion 10 (which is our last discussion).  If you didn't post yet, please go back and do that before April 27th so you can get credit for that one. It's also really important info about the final that I want to make sure everyone has read.  Thanks to those of you who have made such kind comments to me in this discussion.  It is much appreciated! I hope you will all do wonderfully on the final exam!
April 23
Chapters 11 & 12 are challenging to say the least.  It would be a very good idea to print out the additional materials I made at while you work through the homework and quiz.

April 22
These two videos explain confidence intervals ( and hypothesis testing ( in a way that I feel most students can really follow.  These would be great to watch before the final exam to confirm and refresh your understanding of these two ideas.  :)  They are not about how to "do the math" and get answers, but rather what these two ideas are really about and what you are trying to do when you calculate them. Having that understanding will really help you when you are doing the problems. 

April 21

I need to rearrange my office hours from Wednesday night 7-10 to Tuesday night 7-10 this week.  As always I will answer your questions as soon as I can, even if you ask them on Wednesday night.  ;)

April 18

When you have emailed me as instructed below, I will reply to the email to your address with this message: "Got it! Since the deadline to do this is May 1st I'll be adding the points on May 2nd to the quiz. Thanks!" 
This will confirm I received your email.

April 17
                       ***~~~EXTRA CREDIT OPPORTUNITY ~~~***

Faculty evaluation invitations were sent to all enrolled GPC students for each of their full-term and second-half classes (both on-campus and online) via your student email accounts Monday of last week (April 8th).


The evaluation invitations were launched over a several day period in order to avoid overloading the e-mail servers.   If you have not received your course evaluation invitation, please let me know.


Please remember these are at your e-mail account, NOT your iCollege account. Every e-mail contains a unique password to ensure that students can only evaluate the classes they are actually taking, and can only submit one evaluation per class.    If you need help with accessing your GPC email account see:


The Sender’s name was “GPC Evaluation Surveys []” and the Subject Line was (for example) “Faculty Evaluation – [Course Name] [Instructor Name]”.


If you complete this evaluation, you will receive a confirmation email at your address.  If you will forward that email to me at confirming you did the evaluation, I will add 10 points to your Chapter 7 Quiz.  (Even if you had a quiz grade that was lower than Chapter 7,  the quiz the points are added to does not matter.  Adding the points affects your overall quiz average in the same way, regardless of which quiz I choose to add the points.  I did not choose this quiz for any reason other than it is a quiz whose due date has already passed.) 

April 16
It's been a while, but I haven't had any "news" to report.  :)
Please keep in mind that rather than receiving a printed formula sheet on the final exam, instead in question #1 of the exam there will be a link titled "formula sheet".  This will open a pop-up window.  This will be the only window you will be allowed to have open other than the exam.  If the proctor forgets and questions you about it, remind them that you are in Stats and this is your allowed formula sheet given in the first question of the test.  To see what formulas will be provided, click here:

April 7

        From the Student Affairs and Enrollment Services Team 



Currently enrolled students are STRONGLY encouraged to meet with either their faculty advisor (if one has been assigned) or an advisor in the Advising, Counseling, and Retention Services (ACRS) office prior to registering for classes.  Currently enrolled learning support students will receive in-class advisement prior to the end of the current Semester.




·        Web registration in SIS for the Summer Session 2014 will be available starting April 5, 2014 through May 27, 2014 for currently enrolled students.

·        Students will no longer require a time ticket for registration.

·        On-campus Registration assistance will be available.


Schedule Adjustment:


·        Web registration in SIS for schedule adjustment will be available from May 28 through May 29, 2014.  Schedule adjustment will end at 7:00 pm EST on May 29, 2014.

·        On-campus schedule adjustment assistance will be available.


Drop for Non-payment:


Students who have not paid their full balance will have their entire schedule dropped for non-payment periodically throughout Registration and Schedule Adjustment.  The dates for the drops for non-payment can be found on the academic calendar at under the Fee Payment tab.


Students whose schedules are dropped for non-payment are not guaranteed the same schedule when they re-register.


Students receiving financial aid should verify that their aid is in place before registration begins.  Students receiving financial aid are responsible for any additional balance not covered by their aid.


April 3
    Grades for discussions posts for weeks 6, 7, and 8 have been posted in iCollege under "Grades".
April 2
Please see for instructions on how to sign up for your final exam appointment.  These are first come, first served so if you need a specific time or campus, sign up ASAP.  You can change your appointment up until the system closes on April 30th.  As you know the final exam must be taken on campus Friday, May 2 or Saturday, May 3. 

March 31
Hope you had a great weekend!   If you are taking your final exam at an offsite location (not GPC) because you live out of town, etc. please make note that the DEADLINE for the form is April 14!! 

Students who need to take their final exam offsite need to get the appropriate documentation into the testing center as soon as possible. A separate form needs to be submitted for the final exam - even if the midterm was taken there.

The student completes the top portion of the Offsite Testing form. Then the student must take or email the form to the proctor at their selected offsite institution. The proctor completes the required information and sends it to the GPC Testing Center at Please note that the form will not be accepted from the student; it must come from the proctor.


The deadline for these forms to be sent to the GPC Testing Center is April 14, 2014.

March 27
Please remember that all Chapter 7 & 8 work is due TODAY by midnight.
Any time MyStatLab gives you any problems, always do this:
1) Always use Mozilla Firefox (not Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)
2) Log out of iCollege and close all browser windows.  Open browser and log back into iCollege, then click on the MyLabsPlus link.
3) If that doesn't work, restart your computer.
4) If that doesn't work see all suggestions here:

March 26
Please remember that all Chapter 7 & 8 work is due this tomorrow, Thursday March 27th.

March 25
Due to follow up doctor's appointment where they could only work me in at 10 a.m. AGAIN, I will not be online this morning for my regularly scheduled office hours.  I will be online most of the afternoon and all evening, so I will certainly get back to you today if you have any concerns or questions.  Thanks and have a great Tuesday!  There are a few of you that have emails into me from today (Monday the 24th) that I have not yet been able to answer.  I promise I'll get back to you this afternoon. 

March 21
In response to a student's question, I made this calculator handout for 7.2 about shading normal curves on the calculator.  I thought it might be helpful for some of you as well. 

March 18
Due to a last minute needed doctor's appointment where they could only work me in at 10 a.m., I will not be online this morning for my regularly scheduled office hours.  I will be online most of the afternoon and all evening, so I will certainly get back to you today if you have any concerns or questions.  Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

March 17
Welcome back from Spring Break!  And happy St. Patrick's Day!
Try not to fall into the trap of staying in "Spring Break mode" and try to hit the ground running today.  We've got a lot more work to do this semester.  So hopefully you are refreshed and ready to get started.  Our next due date is: March 25: Topic 7 discussion and March 27: ALL homework and quizzes from Chapter 7 and 8 are due.  Remember that this semester's work will take more time and energy than the work in the first half so allow time each day to get this completed by the 27th. 

Also, please be sure and read this introduction (  and then watch this very important video about advising information for GPC:
Thank you and have a great week!

March 7
Have a wonderful Spring Break!  I will most likely not be checking into iCollege to return emails/posts from March 8 - March 16.  I will begin checking into the course again on Monday, March 17. 
March 6

Today is the MIDPOINT and therefore the last day to withdraw with a "W".  Please see all the details below (scroll down) in the March 2nd announcement.  Please also post to this week's discussion board ASAP about the midpoint.

If you did the Midterm review no later than 2/27 at 8 am and earned over a 60%, your extra points have now been added to your midterm.

March 5
How the "Average@Midpoint" grade was calculated: 
As you know from the syllabus, discussions are 5%, homework is 25%, quizzes are 20%, and the midterm is 20%.   That means so far we have a representation of 5% + 25% + 20% + 20% = 70% of your grade.  [of course this will change as you take more quizzes and do more homework and more discussions]

So,  1) Find the average of your discussion post grades (add up all grades for topics 0 through 5 excluding topic 3 and divide by 5).  2) Find the average of your quizzes for chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.  3) Find the average of the homework grades for chapters 1 through 6.

Then you do this:  Discussion average * 0.05 + Homework average * 0.25 + Quiz average * 0.20 + Midterm exam grade * 0.20.   Then take this number and divide by 0.70 (since the total is 70% of your grade - see above).

Example student:   Discussion average: 80%   Homework average: 95%    Quiz average:  79%     Midterm exam grade: 82%

  80 * 0.05 + 95 * 0.25 + 79 * 0.20+ 82 * 0.20  =  59.95
          59.95 / 0.70 = 85.64%  is this student's overall average


March 4 -    I would normally have Office Hours this morning (Tuesday) 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. but I have an appointment at 11:30 and will have to end a little early at 11:15.  Please be sure you have thoroughly read the March 2 announcement below about the midpoint.   Also please be sure to see for details on how withdrawals may affect your financial aid.  

March 3 -    Optional Webinar presented by GPC's Advising, Counseling and Retention Services:  “Achieving Balance as a College Student,” Wednesday, March 5, 2014, 8:00pm.  Please see for details. 

March 2 - Averages without/before the midterm exam have been posted in iCollege. (Click on "Grades" and look for "MidtermAverageBEFOREMidtermExam".)  This grade includes:  Homework for Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6; Quizzes for Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, and discussion Topics 0, 1, 2, 4, and 5.  (If you did the midterm review by 2/27 at 8 am, the extra credit points will be added on 3/6 after everyone has taken the midterm.  So the grade you are seeing does not have these included.)  After you take the midterm, the column called "Average@Midpoint" will automatically update to show your overall grade with the exam included.  If you have not yet taken the midterm exam, it will show the average as if you have a zero on the midterm.

    Please ignore the "Chapter 6 Quiz (includes show work questions)" in MyMathLab.  It should say "omitted" because this quiz was not assigned.  It does not affect your grade in any way.  

The midpoint is Thurs, March 6th.  As you know from the syllabus, if you withdraw from the course on or before the Midpoint, you will receive a "W" for this course. If you withdraw after March 6, it will be a "WF" which counts as an "F" in your G.P.A.

Although a "W" does not affect your GPA, a "W" does negatively impact your HOPE grade point average.  For additional information about this, consult a GPC Student Accounts Office. 

If you choose to withdraw from this course, your instructor cannot do this for you.  Go to the following website for instructions on how to withdraw online (you do not have to go to a campus to withdraw):

Please keep in mind that the material in the second half of this course is much more complicated and time consuming.  If you really struggled the first half of the semester, you might want to seriously take this into account.  If you know you won't have significantly more time to devote to this class in the second half it would be best to drop before or on March 6th.
Also please be sure to see for details on how withdrawals may affect your financial aid.  

--- Feb 27 - March 5 - - - midterm
    For some reason the Chapter 6 Quiz in most of the Stats course was "out of order" in the list of assignments, and some of you couldn't find it or didn't notice it, etc.  I've had several emails about this today.  Even though this was on the calendar as due no later than 2/26, because it was my fault that it was 'out of order' I will extend it to be due March 2.   I want this to give an advantage to everyone, not just those who did not complete it yet, so I have added an additional attempt meaning that even if you've already taken it twice, you can take it again if you did not do well as long as you take it by March 2.

Feb 26, 2014    Keep in mind when you get to your proctored midterm that your test is not given in myStatLab.  It is in iCollege and you will click on "Assessments", then "Quizzes" and then find the midterm in the list.  The proctor will have the password. 

Keep in mind that EVEN though the MyStatLab midterm review is available until 3/5, this is only so that people taking the midterm on 3/5 will still have access to it.  If you plan to do it for extra credit the deadline was 2/26 (tonight).  However, I am extending that by a few hours to be 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, Thurs, 2/27.  So if you want the extra points for doing the MML review, you must complete it by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It will still be available to you until 3/5, but will not give any points.  This is because I want to make sure people do it before their midterms and people have appointments at all different days and I can't match up when people's appointments are with when they did the review (I have over a hundred stats students this semester plus students in Math 1001), plus people may go back to it and work on it again, etc. and then the date in MSL won't reflect their initial work, etc. See Feb. 24 announcement for details in the extra credit.  

Feb 25, 2014     Today is a "student study day" for GPC and no classes are held.  Faculty are not required to have office hours, but I will still be checking in throughout the day to return emails and "ask my instructor" posts. 

Be sure that you have your midterm appointment written down and that you bring a photo ID, your Ti-83 or 84 calculator, and a pencil to your test.  Be sure you are on time!  Allow for unexpected traffic! 
No scantron is needed since it is given in iCollege (CLICK ON "QUIZZES" at the top of the course home page).  Campus Map for Directions and testing center locations: 

You cannot make up a missed midterm - make sure you are there for your appointment.  The midterm is 20% of your grade and without that grade it would be nearly impossible to pass the course. 

Feb 24, 2014 
                                                          creditMIDTERM REVIEW IN MY MATH LAB:  This is optional, however, if you complete this NO LATER THAN 2/26 at midnight and have an "A" on it, I will add 5 points to your midterm exam grade.  A "B" gets you 4 points, a "C" gets you 3 and so on.  Just like with the homework you can do the problems again and again until you get them right so there is no reason not to get an "A".  :)

          Please note TWO typos on midterm pdf review:  #31: answer should be -510.07        #19 answer should be "D"                 
midterm review video answering students' frequently asked questions from midterm reviews:  (I uploaded it to you tube for easy viewing)  (you will want to have your reviews open so that you can see the
 questions while watching the video)

  pdf of what I did in the video:           
If you have questions that are not answered here, please either post in the "ask my instructor" board or send me an email in iCollege.

               Hopefully you are taking advantage of the many homework problems that are worked out step by step under the "additional materials" section at   . I recently added more worked-out problems to chapter 5.


you must sign up by 2/24!!!!

Make sure you are not signed up for two or more appointments.  I have noticed that a few of you are signed up for more than one time slot.  If you are enrolled in more than one, the math department will "unenroll" you from one of them and it won't be your choice (unless of course you are currently taking two math classes that both have proctored midterms).  Be sure to log into and be sure to unenroll yourself from the time slot you do not want and only keep the one you do want.  You can also log in to that site to change an existing appointment if you need to change a date or time.  But be sure to unenroll from the original appointment after you sign up for the new one.

Feb 21, 2014  
Midterm Review information:
There are 39 multiple choice questions on the midterm and you will have two hours to complete the test.  You will not need a Scantron - the test will be given within iCollege.

I will be attending a mathematics conference all day today (Friday) on campus, so I will not hold regular office hours.  However, I will return emails and "Ask my Instructor" discussion posts as soon as I can tomorrow evening.

There are some Math Scholarships available and they are listed here:  Most of the applications are due by March 1st, so be sure to take a look ASAP to see if you would be eligible for any of them. 

Feb 20, 2014

If you plan to sign up for any second-half courses, the deadline is tomorrow, 2/21.

A note about Discussion Topic 3.  Since it was due Feb 14th and the college was closed Feb 14th, I did not want it to count against you if you did not post.  However, I wanted you to get something if you *did* post.  So, if you did post in Topic 3, I added 5 points "extra" to your Topic 4 discussion.  If you did not post to Topic 4 by the 18th, but did post to Topic 3, then I gave you full credit for Topic 4 instead so that you would not have a zero. If you did not post to either week, you will have a zero on Topic 4, but grades for Topic 3 are being completely omitted.
Please be sure you are posting each week, no later than Tuesday of each week (see Calendar) to get your grades for the discussions.  Grades for discussions can be viewed in the iCollege gradebook (click on Grades near the top right).  All other grades (homework, quizzes) can be viewed in the MyStatLab gradebook (click on Gradebook on the left side within MyStatLab).

Announcing our NEW ….     Fast Track Bachelor Degree in Information Technology ~ in 3 years!

Hot off the press!  GPC Computer Science has recently teamed up with Georgia Southwestern University to create a new transfer program whereby you can earn a BS in Information Technology in just 3 years (nine semesters)!  Job vacancies in this dynamic and exciting field remain currently unfilled and are expected to increase exponentially over the course of the next decade.

How to do it? 

You spend the first 5 semesters earning an Associate Degree in Computer Science from Georgia Perimeter College. Classes may be taken online or face-to-face or a mix of both.

The second 4 semesters will be completed either completely or partially online with Georgia Southwestern. Online classes will be taught by top college profs from around the state with course credit being awarded through Georgia Southwestern University. You will graduate in 3 years (assuming a full load) with a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and ready to fill one of many new computing job openings in this exciting and cutting-edge field.

Please review the accompanying flier that outlines the Program of Study for the fast track WebBSIT and contact me about signing up or with questions.

            Links to flier and powerpoint: 

Priscilla Dodds, Associate Professor of Computer Science &  WebBSIT Advisor

Tel: 678-212-7551

Feb 19, 2014 Please do not panic when you read the next sentence because I have a solution.   The testing centers cannot give out "formula sheets" to you at the midterm, HOWEVER I have made question #1 on the midterm a list of the formulas you would need.  (Which most of you don't use anyway because you use your calculators.)   anyway, there are very few formulas in the first six chapters so what you can do is when you open your test you can copy these down on your scratch paper from Question #1 or you can just scroll back up to question #1 as needed if you decide you need a formula.  Here is a screen shot of what you will be given (see link below - this is really all that was on the formula sheet that applies to chapters 1 - 6 and as I said, most of you use your calculators anyway!).  :)
Yes, you will get 2.5 points for answering "yes" to this question!  :)  See, it's a win-win. 
be sure you have a pencil and a Ti-84 (or 83) calculator and that you know how to use it to do all the things you've done in the homework. 

Feb 18, 2014

Very important!!!  I don't want ANYONE to be at a disadvantage because they were without power last week or could not get to campus to do work (for those that do it on campus) because campuses were closed Tuesday - Friday.  So, I have yet again extended Chapters 3 & 4 homework & quizzes to be due on Feb 21st.  HOWEVER, hopefully you have already started your work on Chapters 5 & 6 because those are due Feb 26th and this CANNOT be changed because midterms start the 27th.  You will need more than 5 days (unless you work nonstop) to do Chapters 5 & 6 so I hope that you have started.  IF YOU ALREADY DID CHAPTER 3 & 4, you can still benefit from this.  You can go back and get better grades on the homework or take a second attempt on a quiz on which you only took one attempt (be sure to review your quiz first using the instructions at   ) then you can do that now until the 21st.  However, as I said, I do hope that most of you are done with Chapters 3 & 4 and are already well on your way to completing 5 & 6.

Feb 17, 2014

Interested in a business Webinar?


Preparing for your future career with a business degree

You prepare for a vacation ---–you prepare for your wedding --but did you know that if you don’t prepare for your career you have made the most costly mistake of your life?

Do you know what you are going to do with your business degree when you graduate? Spend 40 minutes with us Monday night and attend the GPC ONLINE BUSINESS CLUB’S  online webinar February 24, 2014 at 9pm to review your career options!

We will look at                                                                     

1)      Why failing to prepare for your career can cost you a million dollars in your lifetime

2)      2014’s top five business careers as selected by  US News and World Report

3)      An overview of the major career field options for Business Administration majors

4)      Salary averages for different careers

5)      How GPC’s  Online Business Club Career page can be your portal to career shopping and your future


How to attend:  Log in as follows:

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Business Clubs on the left side of the page.

3.  Click on Online Business Club (OBC) (center of page).

4.  Click on the “Live” Speaker’s Forum tab in the top menu.

5.  Read the narrative beneath the link to the virtual lecture hall first; then click on the link.

6.  Click on Participant Login; enter your name; and click Enter.

TONIGHT Feb 17th @ 8:30 p.m. The online PE Club is also presenting online about a former GPC Student who is now a personal trainer and owns his own business.  For more info, see:

Feb 14, 2014
Feb 11, 2014 
Since so much ice is predicted, I thought there may be a good chance GPC will be closed again Thursday, so I extended everything to Friday the 14th.  However, that only gives you 12 more days until the next due dates for Chapters 5 and 6.  That is not a lot of time for those chapters.  So hopefully, most of you have been finished with Chapters 3 & 4 for a while and are already starting on Chapters 5 and 6.  That due date of the 26th cannot be changed due to the midterm dates.  So please do not cause yourself unneeded stress by waiting until the last minute.

Be sure you are taking advantage of and scroll down to "additional materials".  There are many many links to help you with Chapters 3 and 4 (and everything else, too!). 

Feb 10, 2014  Because GPC Campuses are closed tomorrow, I will not be having "office hours".  However I will check emails and will check for any discussion posts in the "Ask My Instructor" area throughout the day and respond as quickly as possible.  The due date for Chapters 3 and 4 will have to be extended since some people do their work in campus computer labs.  Since there is a chance campuses will be closed again Wednesday, I will go on and extend the due date (including the discussion) to Thursday, Feb 13th.  I will extend the due dates by the end of the day Tuesday.  Everyone stay safe in the snow and ice!

Also: PLEASE NOTE!  You will not be able to use Excel or Stat Crunch on the midterm or final exam.  You can ONLY use the TI-83/84.  So be sure you know how to do all the problems using the calculator.  And don't forget you have a discussion post due EVERY Tuesday (except this week it's extended to Thursday because of the snow).  :)

Feb 6, 2014   Tomorrow Friday, Feb 7, my normal office hours of 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. need to be rescheduled due to an appointment.  I will be online from 12:00 - 2:00 p.m. instead.  As a reminder, this is how "office hours" (aka Advising/Tutoring hours) work:

Feb 5, 2014
 If you forget your room number, time, campus, etc. for your midterm, or just want to double check your appointment to be sure you're all set to go, log into and you can check it from there.

Feb 4, 2014
Starting with Chapter 3, the homework and quizzes will take much more time to complete.  Allow yourself several days, and several hours on each of those days, to complete the work that is due on Feb. 11th.  This is coming up very soon!!!   If your temp. code has expired, and you still don't have your access code, you cannot wait any longer or you will not have time to complete the work.  See:

Feb 3, 2014
Apply for Graduation:  If it will be the right time for you, please apply now for Summer graduation. Beverly Cook is still accepting applications for Spring graduation. Deadline for summer graduation is March 1st. Students should contact Beverly at  or stop by Room 1500 at Alpharetta Center for a graduation application. Thank you!

Jan. 30, 2014
Because the college is closed yet again today, and some students are dependent on the school's computer labs to do their work, I will once again have to extend the due dates to tomorrow night, Jan. 31st. 
Please keep in mind that the homework and Quiz for Chapter 3 will take about three times as long (or more) than Chapter 1 and 2 combined.  I only warn everyone about this because if you wait until the day before it's due you won't get it done and there will be no extensions.  All work for Chapter 3 is still due on Feb 11th, so hopefully most of you have been finished with Chapters 1 & 2 for a while and are already well on your way to completing the Chapter 3 homework. 

Jan. 29, 2014
I apologize that I forgot to extend the discussion date.  I did extend the homework and quizzes, but forgot about the discussion.  I will extend the discussion to tomorrow (the 30th).  Sorry for any confusion.

Jan. 28, 2014
Because of all the insane weather today I know that many of you may have had fifteen minute commutes turn into six+ hour commutes.  GPC campuses were all closed and I know this weather may cause many of you to get home tonight much later than you were expecting.  I do hope all of you are ok and managed to get where you were going and were able to get your kids from school.  I know many students in my county are stuck at their schools and their parents cannot get to them.  Because of all this craziness I am going to extend everything that was due tonight to be due Thursday night instead.  I hope this will help anyone who needed to finish up anything tonight. 

Jan. 27, 2014

MIDTERM SIGNUPS OPEN 8:00 a.m. today, Monday, Jan 27th!!!!

 midterm Please CAREFULLY read the instructions at  for how to sign up for your midterm. 
Register ASAP if you want to get the campus/date/time you want!  Tests are at the testing centers at Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, and Newton.
The signup system will be open from Jan 27 - Feb 24 and you will not be able to sign up after that time.  Sign up now!  :)

Jan. 24, 2014
Did you know that GPC has on Online Math Club?  They participate in math competitions (plus much more!). If you are interested in joining or learning more,
please watch this quick video for information:

Jan. 23, 2014

Please recall that all grades on homework and quizzes can be viewed in the gradebook within MyStatLab.  (Click Gradebook on the left side of the screen within MyStatLab.)

Grades for discussion posts can be viewed in the iCollege gradebook.  Click on Grades at the top of the course. 

I have not put in grades yet for the first discussion post but hope to do so tomorrow. 

Jan. 22, 2014
Just so you are not confused/worried about this - - - if you have been using the temporary access code to do your work in MyStatLab and now have your code available (or soon will) keep in mind that you will not be able to enter the code you purchased until the Temporary Code expires (which is Feb 2 or 3).  Once it expires you will be prompted to enter your code to continue with access to MyStatLab.  Remember that if you don't yet have that code you are quickly running out of time!  See for details.

Your first official due date is due Jan. 28th (all homework from Chapters 1 & 2 as well as Quiz 1 & Quiz 2).
Don't forget!!!!!!!!!!! You get TWO attempts on quizzes! 

So after you take it the first time, review it using these instructions:

Then take it again to earn a better grade!  Give yourself plenty of time to take it, review it , then take it again.  Don't wait until the day it's due or you will be stressed and very regretful.  :(  This is not the kind of class where you can do two chapters in one day.  In fact later in the semester it will be difficult to complete two chapters working every day for two WEEKS.  This class is very time consuming so please plan accordingly for the due dates.  If you still haven't printed the calendar for quick reference please do so (

Jan 21, 2014
Somehow part of the syllabus was deleted when I was copying and pasting things at the beginning of the semester.  The online version on my website was correct, but the one within the course was missing this entire section under the "Assessments" category:

Homework (25%).  There will be 39 online homework assignments in MyStatLab. (This number does not include the Orientation Assignment, Midterm Review and Final Exam Review because those three are optional.  Although you are not required to do the Orientation Assignment, if you have never used MyMathLab or MyStatLab it would be very helpful to you.)   The lowest 4 homework grades will be dropped.

So if you printed the syllabus, make a note to add this or reprint it for your records.

So this means your overall grade is determined by this: Homework 25%; Quizzes 20%; Weekly participation Discussions 5%; Midterm 20%; Final Exam 30%

Jan. 17 - 20, 2014
Hopefully you are off to a good start!  Please read everything below if you have not already.
Please remember Monday is a holiday and GPC is closed.   I will be available to answer emails and discussion posts again
on Tuesday, Jan 21.  If you have questions this weekend or Monday, most of them will be answered by the syllabus or by reading
the links that were posted below.

Jan. 16, 2014
What do you do when you need help?  All the resources available to you are listed here:

Information about my Tutoring/Advising hours (formerly called Office Hours):

Jan. 15, 2014
Be sure you've read the announcements from the last two days and followed the instructions.  :)  Hopefully you have started some homework and things are going well for you. 


If you are on Facebook, Georgia Perimeter has a page where they post very helpful information almost every day. They make announcements about registration, financial aid, campus events, and more. Be sure you "like" the official site and not some of the others that are out there.  So it’s easy if you’re looking at your news feed on a regular basis anyway, to just have them as part of your news feed. 

The official site is

The online campus also has a facebook page at:

Of course if you do not use Facebook, you can get all of this information by going to GPC's website.

There are additional videos and summaries for Chapter 1!  Go to and scroll down to “Additional Materials” and click on Chapter 1.   You will also find worked-out homework problems that are frequently asked questions. 

Jan. 14, 2014
I hope everything is going well so far!  Remember I am here via iCollege email and in the Ask My Instructor/Ask the Class discussion board.  Please be sure that you have done everything listed in yesterday's announcements and check off everything in the checklist under "Start Here" in your course.  Pay close attention to page 3 of  if you're having issues with the MyStatLab link (which will not show up until you've completed both the No Show Agreement and the First Week of Class Questions).  If you have any technical difficulties (links don't open, videos won't play, things don't seem to be working, etc) please be sure to look at

When looking at the calendar in iCollege you might think you've already missed a due date.  However, these are just a 'suggested' - - - actually 'strongly suggested' schedule of dates to keep you on track.  :)   Nothing is actually due until Jan 28th, however all the work from Chapters 1 &  2 - the homework and quizzes - are due that day.  It will take many hours to complete so it's best to try and do some each day.  If you wait until the day before (or even 3-4 days before) to start, it is very unlikely you will get done in time.  It's easier to get an idea of the actual due dates when you see the printable calendar ( because the due dates are in red.  You might choose to do 2-3 homeworks on one day rather than one each day and that's up to you as long as it's done by the "red" dates.   The material gets harder and much more time consuming as the semester goes along.  Chapters 1 and 2 will be the easiest and quickest, so now is a good time to try and get ahead before Chapter 3 comes.  ;)


Jan. 13, 2014

        Welcome to class!  I look forward to working with you this semester.  The five most important things for you to do today are:
1) Complete the No Show Agreement in iCollege.  Until you do this you won't have access to anything else.  Also, if this is not done by Jan. 19th, you will be dropped by GPC from this course.
2)  Do the "First Week of Class Questions" Quiz in iCollege.  Click Assessments, then Quizzes.
3)  Read the Syllabus thoroughly and let me know if you have any questions.
4)  Print the calendar and make note of the midterm and final exam dates.  Be sure you keep the calendar handy so you don't miss any due dates.
5) Read this: (page 2 talks about your access code and how use the temporary access code if you don't have yours yet; page 3 talks about how to best use MyStatLab and common issues to avoid)
If you do have questions feel free to email me in iCollege or post a discussion in the Ask My Instructor/Ask the Class discussion board. 
    Let's have a great semester!!

****I was just informed that students who have not paid for classes in full by Jan 20th will be dropped by GPC, so please be sure and take care of any balance you might have. 


 Before Class begins:   You can visit and read the links there!  You will find the syllabus, course calendar, required materials you need to purchase, and more!  Also, please do this: 

Remind 101 Instructions

If you can receive text messages, please send a text message to:

(765) 356-0871

and type this as your message: @gpcstats

(Please be sure to triple check your spelling and don’t forget the @ symbol)

If you do this correctly, you will receive a message in return that says "Thanks, Mrs. Lamar needs to know who you are before adding you to
@gpcstats. Please reply with your full name".  Be sure to reply and send first and last name.

Then you will receive a message that says "Thanks 'yourname' ! As a member of
@gpcstats, you will receive all Mrs. Lamar's notifications. -remind101"

Doing this will add you to a list to receive important text message updates about the course. I promise not to send more than two messages a week (unless I need to hear from you and can't reach you within icollege).

Thank you! - Tosha Lamar