Issues with MML?


Make certain you have the needed plugins for MyMathLab by running the MyMathLab Browser Checker .


If you have trouble running the MyMathLab after installing the plugins, you may want to use Firefox rather than Internet Explorer as your browser. If you do not have Firefox on your computer, you can download it (


In Mozilla Firefox, at the very top go under  "Tools"  then "Clear recent history" - then in the drop-down menu choose "Everything" then click "Clear Now". 


To make certain iCollege will run properly, run the USG Browser Checker


Also, go to  and download the latest version of flash.


Update your java by going to

(this is the windows version so if you have a Mac I can give you a different link or I am sure you can find it on there).


Add to your "trusted sites" under the tools toolbar.   


You can contact Pearson Customer Support, call 866.548.2276 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week!)  you may be on hold for a while, but they can usually help you so it will be worth it!    


You can also try the following:

Be sure that your "pop-up blocker" is off, then (if you need help with that there are some tips at the end of this email).


Turn on cookies and javascript:


Installing the Java plug-in :


Installing the TestGen plug-in:


 Turning off Internet security software:




If you need help with your pop-up blockers:


Pop-up blockers or ad-blocking programs may prevent you from installing course components and from accessing your course. You should disable these programs before running the Browser Check or trying to use any part of your course.


Safari, Firefox, and recent versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape all come with built-in pop-up blockers. Other common pop-up blockers include the MSN and Google toolbars. EarthLink offers a pop-up blocker for Internet Explorer. (AOL offers a pop-up blocker in its browser, but you must minimize the AOL browser and then launch a supported browser to access your course.)


How to disable pop-up blockers


The method you use to disable pop-up blockers depends on the type of blocker you are using.


Tip: Many pop-up blockers allow you to disable a single instance of a pop-up window. If you are not sure how to disable your pop-up blocker completely:



On Windows computers, hold down the "Ctrl" key when clicking the Install or Detect buttons on the Browser Check/Installation Wizard.


On Macintosh computers, hold down the "Ctrl-Z" when clicking the Install or Detect buttons on the Browser Check/Installation Wizard.



Disabling browser pop-up blockers


If your pop-up blocker is included as part of your browser:


In Safari, select Edit from the menu and then uncheck Block Pop-Up Windows.


In Firefox, select Tools >Options from the menu, click the Content tab, and un-check Block pop-up windows.


In Internet Explorer, select Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Turn Off Pop-up Blocker from the menu.


In Netscape, select Edit >Preferences and then select Popup Windows under Privacy and Security.


Most browsers also let you allow pop-ups from sites that you approve, so you can tell your browser to accept all pop-ups from Pearson sites.



Disabling standalone pop-up blockers


If you are using a pop-up blocker that was not provided with your browser, you may be able to temporarily disable the program by:


On a PC, clicking the program's icon in the Windows System Tray.


On a Mac, hold down the Control key and click the program's icon in the Dock. Then select Quit from the menu.


Consult the help for your pop-up blocking program for specific information on how to disable the program or allow pop-ups only from specified sites.


How to remove pop-up blockers


If disabling the pop-up software doesn't resolve the problem, we recommend uninstalling it completely.


To remove most pop-up blockers on a Windows computer:


1.From the Start menu, select Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.


2.Look for the name of the program installed (for example, AdFilter).


3.Select the program name and click Remove.


4.Follow any on-screen instructions, and then close the Control Panel.


To remove most pop-up blockers on a Macintosh computer:


1.Click on the Finder icon.


2.On the Finder menu, click Go and then select Applications.


3.Find the pop-up application in the list.


4.Control-click on the pop-up blocker application and select Move to Trash (or drag the folder into the Trash Can).