Homepage for Dr. Scott Malinconico

I am teaching only online courses this semester. If you need to contact me please use my GPC email address, scott.malinconico@gpc.edu.

PROCTORED FINAL EXAMS: Please be aware that the College requires your final exam be closed book and proctored. The method for taking this final has not been communicated to me. However the final will take place during finals week and you may be required to go to one of the GPC Campusí to take the final. The exact details of this proctored final will be communicated as soon as all of the details have been worked out. If it is not practical for you to get to one of the campusí please let me know ASAP so that we can see if alternate arrangements be developed.


Spring 2011 Syllabi

Syllabus - CHEM1151-005 Malinconico Spring 2011.pdf

Syllabus - CHEM1151-006 Malinconico Spring 2011.pdf

Syllabus - CHEM1152-002 Malinconico Spring 2011.pdf