English 1102/141 (30495)
Assignments, Spring 2007
CE 2130 MW 5:30-6:45 p.m.

Textbooks: Roberts and Jacobs, Literature, second compact edition
Lester, Writing Research Papers

Supplementary or Alternative Textbooks:
Rhetoric and Composition from Wikibooks
Literary Criticism from Wikibooks
Online texts linked below

Note: Unless stated otherwise, all readings should be read before the beginning of the class date for which they're listed. (All readings here are from Literature, unless otherwise noted.) Dates and assigments are subject to change, and I may add further readings or written assignments. Check with me or a classmate if you miss a class. Assignments for the research paper are in bold. These assignments count for 10% of your research paper grade.

Week 1
Jan. 8 Intro to class, policies.
Jan. 10 Practice practice Regents' Essay

Week 2
Jan. 15 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday. No classes held.
Jan. 17 Read "Sonnet 130," "To His Coy Mistress, "My Last Duchess," "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening."

Week 3
Jan. 22 Discuss Research Paper topic
Jan. 24 Speaker: "I heard a fly buzz" Imagery: "Reapers"; "The Red Wheelbarrow"; "This is just to say"; "To Autumn."

Week 4
Jan. 29 Symbol: "Ode on a Grecian Urn"; "Dover Beach."
Jan. 31 In lab work on researching the research paper; discuss writing about literature.

Week 5
Feb. 5 Sound: "Jabberwocky"; "We Real Cool"; "The Negro Speaks of Rivers."
Feb. 7 Continue discussion of sound in poetry.

Week 6
Feb. 12 In class example: writing Essay 1. Read "Daddy."
Feb. 14 Wrap-up discussions of poetry; in-lab lecture / discussion: how to use criticism in the research paper.

Week 7
Feb. 19 Begin Essay 1 in class
Feb. 21 Finish Essay 1 in class. Ten-item list of articles & books that you think you may use for your research paper (no web pages; full-text articles from Galileo are okay).

Week 8
Feb. 26 Introduction to fiction. Read "Everyday Use."
Feb. 28 Point of view: Read "The Story of an Hour"; "The Yellow Wallpaper."

Week 9 Spring Break, March 5-11.

Week 10
March 12 Setting: Read "Masque of the Red Death"; Symbol: "Araby" Semester midpoint; last day to drop with W.
March 14 Plot: Read "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge." Modern Fiction.

Week 11
March 19 Practice Regents Essay.
March 21 Discuss Outlining (read Outlining handout, available in Bookstore).

Week 12
March 26 Begin Essay 3 in classroom
March 28 Finish Essay 3 in lab.

Week 13
April 2 Introduction to Drama. Read A Dollhouse
April 4 Discuss A Dollhouse; preliminary outline of research paper due

Week 14
April 9 Discuss A Dollhouse; discuss outlines
April 11 Read The Boor also translated as The Bear; this version is part of a larger collection of plays--don't print without using Print Preview to select which pages you want to print. Revised outlines due (optional).

Week 15
April 16 Discuss writing about drama. Rough draft of Research Paper due. Discuss research paper problems.
April 18 Continue discussing Othello.

Week 16
April 23 Discuss Research Paper rough drafts. Essay 4 (drama) due.
April 25 Research Paper due.

Week 17
April 30 Last day of classes. Review.

Final Exam
Tues. May 8, 5:45--7:45 p.m.

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