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Writing Web Pages - An Introduction to HTML for Georgia Perimeter College Students

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Interactive Course Outline

Lecture Notes Assignments and Tests Additional references
Introduction to Historical Geology
Introduction to Historical Geology - Small font version
Introduction to the World Wide Web

Information on obtaining your class e-mail account

Relative dating Assignment

Relative Dating - U. Saskatchewan

Unravelling geologic time - Columbia U.

Relative dating exercise

Who's on First - A relative dating activity

Earth's Cycles - Columbia U.

Geologic Time
  1. Age of the Earth
    Age of the Earth - Small font version
  2. Radiometric Dating
    Radiometric Dating - Small font version
Radiometric Dating Assignment
Graph paper to print out
Adobe Acrobat graph paper to print

Geologic Time Chart to know

NEW!! Time Chart Test with automatic checking feature, courtesy of Jon Challen

Time Chart with correct answers

Blank Geologic Time Chart for in-class test

View and print the official "Decade of North American Geology" Geologic Time Scale; use landscape mode printing

Radiometric dating exercise, Miami University

Geologic Time, Colorado

Time - Florida State U.

Indicators of an Old Earth - Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance

Geologic Time exhibit - U. California, Berkeley

Radiometric dating- a Christian perspective

Radiocarbon Dating WEB-info from New Zealand

Radiocarbon Web Server, Arizona

Sedimentary Rocks
  1. Sandstone Interpretation
    Smaller font version
  2. Carbonate Rock Interpretation -
    Smaller font version
  3. Facies, Transgressions, Regressions, and Walther's Law -
    Smaller font version

    Sedimentary Structures and Stratigraphic Features

Movie Question Sheets:
  • Life From the Sea
  • Record of the Rocks
  • Paleontology
    Smaller font version
    Invertebrate Fossil Phyla

    Fossil Preservation

    Paleontology Web Assignment

    Evolution -
    Smaller font version

    Evolution assignment

    Plate Tectonics

    Origin of the Earth
    Smaller font version

    Movie Question Sheet:
  • The Big Bang and Beyond
  • Earth's First 3.7 Billion Years - Columbia U.

    Smaller font version
      Origin of Life - Annotated bibliography
    Origin of Life - RNA- from Princeton
    Archean Uranium deposits and the origin of life
    General information on the Vendian
    Vendian Fossils

  • Fernbank Field Trip

  • Diversity of life through time - # families

    The Origin and Evolution of Life - NASA's Planetary Biology Program

    The Beginnings of Life on Earth, American Scientist, September/October 1995

    Tectonic and paleogeographic maps (and Grand Canyon)

    The Origin of Animal Body Plans - American Scientist, April/May 1997

    Burgess Shale Fossils

    The Ordovician Radiation American Scientist, March/April 1996

    Origin of Tetrapods - Columbia U.

    The Permian Reef Complex (Delaware Basin) of West Texas

    Lithologic, paleogeographic and paleocurrent maps of the World

    Plant fossils

    Mazon Creek Fossils from the Pennsylvanian of Illinois - Plants and Animals

    A history of Paleozoic forests

    Plant fossils of West Virginia

    "The Age of Dinosaurs"


    Dinosaur references

    Cenozoic - small font version
    Cenozoic - small-font, text-only version - no images



    Additional resources: Natural History Museum, London

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