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Links to Global Volcano Information

Michigan Technological University Volcanoes Page
One of the best places to go for volcano information. Has a worldwide volcanic reference map (color elevation map of the world with numbers for volcano locations), as well as information on recent and ongoing volcanic activity, information on volcanic hazards mitigation and remote sensing of volcanoes. Links to Decade Volcano information and 21 on-line journals related to volcanology.

Volcano World
This is a superb volcano site which is supported by NASA's Program: Public Use of Earth and Space Science Data Over the Internet. One of the most useful features is the clickable world map (with red triangles for volcanoes) and list of currently erupting volcanoes, arranged by date of event. You can find a file of volcano images, volcano lesson plans, volcano news and current events, the "volcano mall" (a guide to purchasing volcano books, maps, calendars, etc.), and plenty of educational information including a discussion of volcanoes on Earth, Mars, and the Moon. There are links to volcanic parks and national monuments, including Hawaii, Mount St. Helens, and other places such as Yellowstone, Devils Tower, Wyoming, and Crater Lake - all superbly illustrated. You might also enjoy the "Ask A Volcanologist" feature. There is also a search function.

Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program
This program maintains a database of all known global volcanic activity over the last 10,000 years, and is building a petrologic database for volcanic materials. The Global Volcanism Network Bulletin, a monthly newsletter covering 1994 and 1995 contains information (including seismograms, maps, and images) of volcanoes worldwide. There is also a link to Volcano listserv.

U. S. Geological Survey Volcano Hazards Program
This site contains a weekly report of worldwide volcanic activity, current updates for U. S. and Russian volcanoes, volcano fact sheets, volcano monitoring and warning systems, a photo glossary of volcano terms, and lists of books and videos on volcanoes.

Stromboli On-line links to other volcanoes worldwide Eruptions from around the globe are listed by year from 1994 to present. Maps, photos, links, and information in English, German or Italian.

International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior This international committee is the focus for research in volcanology and related disciplines. It is responsible for the "Decade Volcano" project, for which 15 volcanoes have been nominated. It has commissions to study various topics such as mitigation of volcanic disasters, explosive volcanism, chemistry of volcanic gases, volcanoes and the Earth's atmosphere, volcanogenic sediments, volcanic lakes, large volume basalt provinces, and granites.

Satellite Images of volcanoes from NASA
Includes time sequence images of numerous volcanoes including Mount Pinatubo, Mount Ranier, Unzen Volcano, Mauna Loa, etc.

The Electronic Volcano at Dartmouth College
Here you can read an eyewitness account of the birth of Paracutin volcano in Mexico in 1943. Information is available in six languages in addition to English. Various types of maps are available online for selected volcanoes (topographic, geologic, tectonic, hazard maps, ashfall isopachs, etc.)

General References on Volcanoes

Volcano information from the U.S. Geological Survey
An index to volcanic terminology, hazards, features and phenomena.

Volcano Information Center (VIC)
Provides information about the general features of volcanoes, eruptions, and volcanic hazards. Also provides a searchable index of all articles published in the Bulletin of Volcanology since 1924 and an index to Geological Society of America publications on volcanoes since 1972. Also includes bibliographies.

NASA Visible Earth
Images of volcanoes, including the eruption of Popocatepetl, December 19, 2000.

Volcano Topography and Volcanic Hazards: Topographic Characterization and Monitoring of Volcanoes

NASA Earth Observing System IDS Volcanology
A Global Assessment of Active Volcanism, Volcanic Hazards, and Volcanic Inputs to the Atmosphere from the Earth Observing System.

List of volcano educational sites

Annenberg/CPB web site on Volcanoes - Can we Predict Volcanic Eruptions?
This site describes how volcanoes form, melting of rocks, the dynamic earth, judging volcanic hazards, warning signs of impending volcanic eruptions, reducing the risk of volcanic eruptions (disaster preparedness).

Terrestrial Volcanoes
Part of a series on the solar system, the section on the Earth has information on terrestrial volcanoes. Characterized by satellite imagery and space shuttle photography with descriptions of many terrestrial volcanic sites (such as the Galapagos Islands and Unzen Volcano in Japan). Contains digital video (AVI format) from "Understanding Volcanic Hazards" from the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior.

Volcanoes in the United States

Volcanoes of the United States
A publication of the U.S. Geological Survey describing recent eruptions of volcanoes in the U.S., including Hawaiian volcanoes, Alaskan volcanoes, volcanoes of the Cascade Range in Washington, Oregon, and California, and calderas such as Yellowstone in Wyoming. Also includes discussion of volcanoes and plate tectonics. Includes a glossary.


Virtually Hawaii - A Virtual Field Trip
Virtual field trips are offered to the Big Island, as well as to Oahu, Maui, Molokai, and Kauai. Fly around the Big Island with a quick-time or mpeg digital video and visit Kilauea, the active volcano. Take a ground tour around the crater, take a tour along the chain of craters road, or take a "radar tour". Choose the places you would like to visit from numbered points on an aerial photo. Also see"what's new" for the latest images and descriptions of eruptions. From the researchers at the University of Hawaii, NASA, and Terra Systems, Inc., "Public Use of Earth and Space Science data over the Internet."

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory
Information on Kilauea, Mauna Loa, and other Hawaiian volcanoes (Hualalai, Haleakala, and Loihi), current earthquakes in Hawaii, and volcanic hazards. The Volcano Watch Newsletter is published weekly, and the archives here contain issues dating back to 1994. There are also earthquake epicenter maps for the Hawaiian Islands and the Big Island, as well as a link to Mauna Loa (Decade Volcano), and other Decade Volcanoes.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
Information on the park, its history, size, visitors, travel basics, camping and lodging, facilities and activities. Links to teacher information, online books, and volcano links. Also has information on the ecosystem and the Hawaiian language.

A Teacher's Guide to the Geology of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park
A useful guide for educators on plate tectonics, hot spots, evolution of Hawaiian volcanoes, volcanic landforms, lava, minerals, magmas, and volcanic rocks, volcano monitoring techniques, kinds of volcanic eruptions, and living with Hawaiian volcanoes.

Hawaii Center for Volcanology
This site contains beautiful pictures from Hawaiian volcanoes.

Eruptions of Hawaiian Volcanoes - Past, Present, and Future
This is a publication of the U. S. Geological Survey discussing the origin of the Hawaiian Islands, the history of Hawaiian eruptions, Kilauea, Loihi, volcano monitoring and research, eruptive style, types of lava flows, volcanic hazards and benefits.

JASON Project
The JASON Project offers students and teachers in grades 4 through 9 a comprehensive, multimedia approach to enhance teaching and learning in science, technology, math, geography, and associated disciplines. The project delivers its educational content through a print curriculum, videos, fully interactive Internet programming, and live satellite "telepresence" broadcasts. Click on "Other Destinations" to check out the various projects including Project IV: Island Earth. This site provides an overview of Hawaiian volcanoes and compares them with volcanoes on Mars, Venus, and Io. Includes student interactive exercises using real-time infrared images of volcanism on Io. Also has a link to the Xerox-PARC map viewer with an interactive map of Hawaii.


Alaska Volcano Observatory
An attractive web page summarizing current volcanic activity in Alaska with weekly updates. There are links to maps, satellite images, tables, and databases.

Cascade Range

U.S. Geological Survey/Cascades Volcano Observatory
Gives information on Mt. St. Helens and the other volcanoes of the Cascade Range, with links to other domestic and foreign volcanoes. Contains information on volcanic hazards, volcano monitoring, the Volcano Disaster Assistance Program, volcanic emissions and global change.

Mt. St. Helens, Washington
Gives the history, volcanic hazards, current activity, with links to images and real-time data from hydrologic monitoring.

Volcano Systems Center, University of Washington
Information on Mount Ranier and the Juan de Fuca Ridge, with general information on volcano monitoring, and research activities of the faculty.

International Volcanic Web Sites

The Natural Hazards Mitigation Group at the University of Geneva, Switzerland
This site contain information on the volcano mitigation team, the Swiss disaster relief unit, and seismic hazard studies. Also has volcano pictures and links to other sites.

Stromboli On-line
Information on Stromboli, a volcanic island in Italy (also available in German, Italian, and Slavic). Information on seismic activity, frequency of eruptions.

C.N.R. Istituto Internazionale di Vulcanologia, Catania (Italy)
Information on current activity and volcano monitoring in Sicily, including a clickable map of the volcanoes of Sicily.

Nordic Volcanological Institute (Iceland)
Information on the currently erupting (October 1996) subglacial volcano within the Vatnajökull icecap in SE Iceland.
Includes a geologic and tectonic map of Iceland, showing active and dormant volcanoes and fissure swarms. Contains additional information in selected volcanoes including Vestmannaeyjar, which has been shown in several geology movies.

Volcanic Ash and Weather

Volcanoes and Global Climate Change (NASA Facts)
Contains a discussion of volcanoes and global cooling and ozone depletion. Also discusses volcano monitoring.

Danger to Aircraft from Volcanic Eruption Clouds
Information on volcanic ash and its effects on aircraft in Alaska.

Volcanic ash - danger to aircraft in the North Pacific, from the U. S. Geological Survey
Information on volcanic ash and its effects on aircraft in Alaska.

Worldwide Weather
Worldwide weather news and information (including Antarctica with data since 1981). including northern hemisphere volcanic ash data, when available.

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