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  1.  To become familiar with the names of elements from the periodic table.


This section addresses, in whole or in part, the following Georgia GPS standard(s):
  • S8P1. Students will examine the scientific view of the nature of matter.
      f. Recognize that there are more than 100 elements and some have similar properties as shown on the Periodic Table of Elements.




With some imagination and a pun now and then, itís possible to use the names of the elements as synonyms or substitutes for some phrases.  Some possible answers are listed to the left.  However, you should use your periodic table for more possibilities.  Write both the elementís name and symbol in the blanks.  Sooo, cesium your pencil and fill in the blanks!



1. ________________What are doctors for? a. Cesium
2. ________________Policeman b. Erbium
3. ________________To spice c. Boron
4. ________________Funds from your motherís sister d. Europium
5. ________________We have went (very poor grammar). e. Gold
6. ________________What you do to a steak when you grill it. f. Uranium
7. ________________ĒGet him!Ē g. Antimony
8. ________________Large building used to store automobiles h. Iridium
9. ________________To press a shirt i. Silicon
10. _______________Kitchen work area (pun) j. Hafnium
11. _______________Leg joint above the calf and more k. Neon
12. _______________What police do to an address if they hear of some illegal activity. l. Zinc 
13. _______________Directions to a cowboy approaching a steer with a lasso. m. Argon
14. _______________Ruler of the deep sea n. Nickel 
15. _______________Holmium times 0.5 o. Carbon
16. _______________Five plus five p. Iron
17. _______________Directed or guided (past tense) q. Manganese
18. _______________Cowboyís cry after successful trip on a bronco. r. Krypton
19. _______________Well drillerís chant s. Curium
20. _______________Half a dime t. Radium
21. _______________The Lone Rangerís horse u. Rhodium
22. _______________What he did to a bucking horse v. Cerium
23. _______________Supermanís home w. Silver
24. _______________What do you say to get someoneís attention (symbol only)? x. Iodine 
25. _______________What I do when I am hungry y. Copper
26. _______________What did you do when you saw a bear? z. Lead
27. _______________Male of the Ganeez tribe zz. Neptunium
28. _______________Amusing prisoner zzz. Tin


Get the idea?  Now make up two chemistry puns of your own below using the names of elements from the periodic table (donít use any names already used above).




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