Polly A. Bouker
Associate Professor of Geology
239 Cedar Lane
Covington, GA 30014

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Physical Geology
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Historical Geology
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Environmental Science
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Integrated Science
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11/9/2013 GPC College Wide Geology Field Trip, Lake Allatoona

Polly Bouker at Rodeo Beach, San Francisco, California

"The Earth is what we all have in common."
by Wendell Barry

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April 13, 2013 Imery's Kaolin Mine, Sandersville, GA

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My Background

I completed a B. S. Degree in Geology at Western Carolina University, and a M. S. Degree in Geology at the University of Georgia.  I decided to major in Geology after taking two introductory courses at GPC's Dunwoody Campus in the late 1980s (known as Dekalb College at that time).  Before those courses I had no intention of majoring in science!
After completing my M. S. degree, I taught middle and high school sciences for two  years, after which I taught part-time at Western Carolina University in the Geoscience Department.  I came to GPC as the "lone geoscientist" at the Lawrenceville Campus in fall of 2001, where I remained until I transferred to Rockdale/Newton Campus in January, 2007.



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The college majors most and least likely to lead to underemployment (Washington Post Blog 08/26/2014) CLICK HERE

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   Environmental Scientist

   Environmental Engineer  

25 College Majors with the Highest Unemployment Rates from cbs news

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Critical Need for Geologists!

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Mudcracks at James Floyd State Park 11/09/2013

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