Test 4 PHED 2022

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  3        4     
8  9               
  10                      11          12    13
  14        15      1617  18   
      19        20       
                  22  23 
26    27                                       
    30  31   
    32    33      34  35 
    38    39               


  1. The complete cessation of menstrual periods for 12 consecutive months describes
  2. Emotional outbursts when driving describes
  3. The end of all vital functions including heartbeat and respiration is known
  4. A substance in the air, water, or soil that causes damage is called a
  5. Cancer causing chemicals are known as
  6. Any change in the air, water, or soil that could reduce its ability to support life is
  7. Abnormal cells that divide and create other abnormal cells develop
  8. The most widespread pollutant that can cause long-term lung damage is
  9. The term for your rate of breathing is
  10. An inflammation that attacks the gum and the bone that holds the teeth in place is called
  11. The single most common cause of injury to women is
  12. Which of the following pollutants is most likely to cause damage to buildings and monuments?
  13. A sugar pill or mock procedure is called a
  14. Which of the following types of rape is motivated by hatred and a desire for revenge
  15. Changes in the genetic material of living cells are called
  16. disease is an infection of the woman's fallopian tubes or uterus


  1. Which of the following types of rape involves bondage, torture, or sexual abuse
  2. The most common nutrition disorder in older persons is
  3. Which of the following ethnic groups has the greatest risk of victimization
  4. Which of the following stages of death response is usually the most difficult
  5. An advance directive that gives someone else the power to make decisions on your behalf is known as:
  6. A patient must give consent for hospitalization, surgery, and other major treatments. This is known as:
  7. Individuals who are aware yet unable to respond are in a
  8. An ancient Chinese form of medicine based on the philosophy that a cycle of energy circulates through the body to control health is known as:
  9. the leading cause of sterility in women
  10. A state of total unconsciousness is called
  11. the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure
  12. Forced sexual activity is known as
  14. When a person learns they have terminal cancer, what is usually the first reaction
  15. Environmental agents that trigger changes in DNA are called
  16. Studies in which volunteers agree to act as test subjects are called
  17. When a person dies without a will, this is called
  18. The sticky film of bacteria that forms on the teeth is known as
  19. A community of organisms that share a physical and chemical environment is called a(n):
  20. the most widespread sexually transmitted bacterium is
  21. The rise in the Earth’s average surface temperature is known as
  22. In which type of study do scientists assess the health status of a large group of people
  23. Sexual intercourse between a male over the age of 16 and a female under the age of consent is called
  24. The leading cause of death in the home is

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