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This column includes class expectations, course coverage. This column includes way students may communicate with me or with each other. Test 5 Sample Test Online Clsss notes and Quizzes
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One way of communicating is by message forum. Leave your questions online and someone will reply soon. Students may reply to other student's questions either now or later.

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Another means of communicating is by chat.

will be available by email or phone in the evening on Tuesdays  andThursdays from 7:00 - 8:00 P.M.

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Sample Quizzes
  1. Introductory Quiz
  2. Quiz Chapter 2
  3. Quiz Chapter 3
  4. Quiz Chapter 4
    part 1
  5. Quiz Chapter 4
    part 2
  6. Quiz Chapter 5
    part 1
  7. Quiz Chapter 5
    part 2
  8. Quiz Chapter 6
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