Happy Holidays

Holidays are usually celebrations or remembrances of events in human history that have been important for one reason or another. Typically there is a winter, spring, summer, and fall celebration that almost all cultures celebrate. Some events are commemorated for less than joyful reasons. For the most part this set of holidays will go to the original meaning of holiday (holy day) and National Commemorations. They point to ways that we, as human beings, from a wide and diverse community, celebrate, pass on, and, humbly, remember our highest values.


Winter celebrations

Celebrate Hannaka
Celebrate Christmas
Celebrate Kwanzaa
  Celebrate New Year's Day
Celebarte Valentines Day
Celebrate St. Patrick's Day


Spring Celebrations

Celebrate Passover
Celebrate Easter
Celebrate Mother's Day


Summer Celebrations
Celebrate Memorial Day
Celebrate Father's Day
  Celebrate Independence Day`
Celebrate Labor Day


Fall Celebrations
Celebrate Rosh Hashanah
Celebrate Yom Kippur
Celebrate Halloween/All Saints
Celebrate Thanksgiving

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