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    Mary Susan Hall
    Associate Professor
    Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering


    NO SHOW period for the Spring 2014 is January 13 -19 . This is the NO SHOW period. Students who do not sign in to web ct (iCollege) and complete the No-show quiz during that period will be turned in as NO SHOW.




    A. Online Mathematics


      A. Predicting your grade                                      


    1.Spring 2014


      B. Online math by course and by skill                  


      Math 1111


      C. Introduction to iCollege


       Math 1113


      D. Graphing Calculator  

    Calculator Pages




         1. Basics




         2. Graphing Lines


    2.Summer 2014


         3. Graphing Absolute Value Inequalities


        Math 1113


         4. Graphing Rational Expressions




         5. Graphing Quadratic Inequalities


         6. Parabolas




         7. TI-83 New Pages with videos


     3. Fall 2014


    E. Academic Honesty Online Courses

    Video on Academic Honesty

    How to Upload a file to iCollege


       Math 1113


       Math 1111

      Math for Fun                                                                 



      F. Personal Pages and More information    


    4. General Online Information

      a. Testing Center Hours

      b. Web CT


    Non Concurrent Courses  

    Math 0097 Fall 11

    Math 0098 Spring    


      c. Vista Video 1

      My Online Help Page****


      d.  Vista Video 2


    Student of the Semester


      e.  Vista Video 3


    Math 1111 Supplement

    B. Office Hours:


    Using Camtasia and TI Smart View


    Fall 2012 / Spring 2013

    M-F Email me in iCollege and I will respond
    within 8 hours (usually much less). 9:00AM-9:00PM

    Regular office Hours
    M-R  1:00-2:00 PM
    M-R  9:00-11:00 PM


    Math 1113 Supplement