Using the Smart Board in Your Classroom

Luise Strange de Soria, Ph.D.

Today we will cover the following topics…

Using the Smart Board during your Lecture

(a blank screen with sidebars will open)

(words / pictures show up on the screen wherever the pen touches it)

(a new blank page will appear small copies of your pages show up on the right sidebar)

(up and down arrows will appear by the small pages once there are around 8)


Saving as HTML

(select file, save, then name your file)

(A series of questions will follow, noted below)

1st it wants to know where you want to save your file on the server…you can see I've put mine on the G drive in a folder called training with a folder presentations with a folder called smartboard. (G:\training\presentations\smartboard) To continue, click the next button…

2nd it needs you to provide a name for the page. If you have already saved the file as a SMART board file, the program defaults to the same name. If you choose to use another name, simply type it, then click Next….

3rd You need to select your screen size for the pictures on the web. I usually use 400 x 300. Then click Finish…

4th Your last request is to publish the files on the web, so click Next…

5th Select the server. It shows you the address in the screen below…(I don't usually change this, as Ken has it set up to the server where it needs to go), so just click Next…

6th the last step is just to click on the Finish box…

7th…it tells you that you have successfully saved your file! Click OK…


The folder sample contains several subfolders, one for each slide that you made during the lesson.

Putting it all Together

(see example at

(a box called character properties will come up asking which file you want to link to)

(just prior to clicking Open, your screen should appear as above)

(the box will disappear and your page is linked)

How Your Students will be able to use the pages…

(a larger image of the page will appear in the large box)

(the images will change as the arrow is clicked)


Advantages to using the Smart Board for Lecturing