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    Kari Miller

    Assistant Professor of English


    Voicemail: 678-891-7514

    Generic Course Syllabi: Course materials are available in iCollege on the first day of classes for each semester.  IMPORTANT: for textbook information, including ISBN numbers, please check the course note in SIS! We are not using any additional texts or materials. For ENGL 2131, it is especially important that you buy the exact editions.

    ENGL 1101 ENGL 1102
    ENGL 2131  


    About Me: I joined the faculty of Georgia Perimeter College in the fall of 1998 as an adjunct instructor, and have been a full-time instructor since 2002.  I started teaching online in 2001, combining online courses with traditional courses.  When the Lawrenceville campus closed, I chose to teach fully online instead of transferring to another campus, and I have taught fully online since 2008.   I have a Master of Arts in English Education from Florida State University, in addition to some post-graduate work at Valdosta State University, and am currently completing my PhD at Georgia State University. 

    Contact Information:  Although I don't have a regular office on any of the GPC campuses, and therefore do not have an office phone, there are a variety of ways I communicate with online students during the week. I am not regularly online on weekends and holidays.   I check voicemail, but email is the fastest way to reach me; my GPC email is listed above, or you may contact me through iCollege email. Finally, I'm available online for chatting, or on Clarkston or Dunwoody campuses when appointments are made ahead of time.