Karline Feller
 Georgia Perimeter College

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Office: 3410 Web site: http://facstaff.gpc.edu/~kfeller
Office phone:  770-278-1417 e-mail: kfeller@gpc.edu
Spring  2009  Office hours:  MW: 1-5pm; TR:10-11 am; or by  appointment  Department phone: 770-278-1225

MATH 1101 Math Modeling
Exponential Model Project Final Examination Review
Linear Regression
Final Exam Review Solutions
MATH 1111  College Algebra
Schedule. (doc)
Homework. (doc)

Rational Functions

Properties of Logs

Final Exam Review

 MATH 1113 Precalculus

MW Schedule

TR Schedule

Unit Circle
Trigonometric Formulas
Solving triangles
Properties of Logs

Test Topics


Graphing Trigonometric Functions

 MATH 2431 
Calculus I
Syllabus (doc)

Schedule & Homework. (doc)

Tangent Line Steps


Starting  MyMathLab


Final Exam Topics

MATH 2432
Calculus II
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Graph Paper

Helpful Information

Tips for Learning and Getting Good Grades

Successful Strategies For Test Anxiety

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