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    Dr. Kimberly N. Bennekin
    Associate Professor of Mathematics

    Department of Mathematics & Computer Science - Online Campus


    Attention Online Students!

    I will only communicate with students via their GPC email address or in iCollege.


     All Online students will have temporary access to the course materials inside of iCollege on the first day of class, regardless if you have your access code "in hand" or not.  All course materials are in iCollege. 

    Check-in ASAP as not to get behind on your assignments.

    Access codes must be entered within 15 days of your first login date. 


    Please go to the Textbook Page to view the required text & access code for your class.  You must purchase your textbooks from the Online Bookstore or directly from the publisher to ensure that you receive the correct online access code.  You have a choice of purchasing both the hard copy of the text & the online access code OR just the online access code, which includes an online copy of the text.  For information on purchasing and entering your code, click HERE.

    If you don’t already have a GPC login and password, you can obtain one from the following link http://www.gpc.edu/getmylogin .


    For more information on your course, click one of the links below:


    Click here to go to iCollege Login Page


    Learn more about taking online classes!

    Click here for

    TI Calculator Guide

    TI-83 Calculator Tutorial  



    Virtual Office Hours - Spring Semester 2014
    & Thursday:  10am-2pm

    Wednesday: 10am - 12pm

    All other times by appointment.

    During office hours, I’ll be close to a computer so that I am able to respond to emails and discussion posts quickly.  I encourage all students to download the instant messenger called Blackboard IM, for instant access to me during my office hours.  You can also connect to your classmatesFor information on how to sign up, click HERE.

    In case of emergency, email me at Kimberly.Bennekin@gpc.edu .


    Academic Links
    MCSE Discipline Page
    National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
    American Mathematical Associations of Two-Year Colleges
    Spelman College
    Morehouse College

    E-Mail:  Kimberly.Bennekin@gpc.edu

    Updated:  January 15, 2014