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  •  Johnson Kĩriakũ Kĩnyua, PhD.

        Welcome to my site. Karibu!


    Ph.D., University of Birmingham (UK).

    M.Th., Emory University.

    M.Div., Emory University.

    Dip.Theo., St. Paul Theological College/Presbyterian College.

    Dip.English, University of London.

    Cert., Daystar University.

    REL 1301 – WORLD RELIGIONS (Georgia Perimeter College - Newton Campus)

    This is a basic introduction to world religions, including religions of nonliterate societies and ancient religions, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism among others. In exploring the concept of religion, I address various kinds of questions such: What is Religion? How have different religions affected cultures, both ancient and modern?


    Through teaching, I aim at equipping students with analytical, methodological and multidiscipline skills with regard to exploring, understanding, interpreting and researching religious phenomenon in a postmodern/postcolonial world.

    Teaching a course in Religion, besides imparting knowledge and nurturing the intellect, needs to relate religious knowledge to the students’ lived experience and behavior in the world today.

    Therefore, my primary aim in teaching Religion is to make the students aware that the postmodern/postcolonial world they live in is a highly complex but interrelated world. The reality is that of differing intellectual and moral frameworks, values, and notions of human goods. For this reason, it is important for students to remain engaged and motivated in order for them to learn how to appreciate these complexities and uncertainties that are constantly presented to them in their day to day living.


    Philosophy, Theology and Religion: Research specialized in the theories of interpretation (Hermeneutics) with emphasis on postcolonial theory of interpretation and biblical studies.

    Pluralism and Religion: Postcolonial identities, Globalization, multiculturalism and religious identity.

    Research Methods in the study of Religious Texts and Postcolonial Identities: Integrating qualitative and quantitative methods for the scientific study of religious texts and religion in a postcolonial world; concepts and methods in the study of Christianity in the non-Western world.

    History of Biblical Interpretation and Translation in Africa: 19th century specialization with fields of Bible and Colonial Identities, Colonial constructions, representation and marginality as well as the location of culture in the colonial hermeneutics.


    Primary: Hermeneutics and theories of Interpretation; Postcolonial theory and Biblical studies; Christian Ethics and Morality; African Religions; World Religions; Research Methods; African Christianity (African Initiated Churches and Pentecostal/Charismatic).

    Secondary: Theology and Literature; Sociology of religion; Religion and Culture; Inter-textual approach to the Sacred Texts of world religions.


     Kinyua, Johnson K. Introducing Ordinary African Readers' Hermeneutics: A Case Study of the Agikuyu Encounter with the Bible. Oxford: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. 2011.