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The University System Africa Council is open to all faculty and staff in the University System of Georgia who have a professional interest in the countries of the region. It seeks to build an active participatory membership of campus faculty and staff with African interests and expertise, facilitating communication and providing a useful forum where issues of common concern can be shared, discussed and resolved.

For 2005-2006 the University System Africa Council is given a select charge to complete the following assignments:

Implement a faculty development seminar to Cameroon and Nigeria for Summer 2006 in accordance with guidelines and procedures of the SCIE Faculty and Curriculum Committee;

Organize and operate the Southeast Model African Union (SEMAU) program in November 2005;

Provide a report on Council activities at each meeting of the System Council on International Education for all funds managed by the WRC;

Adopt a mission statement and by-laws modeled on those developed for the WRCs by the System Council on International Education;

Continue discussion of on-going issues relevant to the WRC and its members, including

SEMAU Conference
The 11th Southeast Model African Union (SEMAU) Conference is sponsored by the University System Africa Council. This event gives students an opportunity to learn diplomacy and governmental organization in Africa through a unique simulation experience. Please visit the SEMAU website for detailed information, registration forms and a conference handbook.