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  •  Jim Cox, Georgia Perimeter College

    Retired July 2014

    teaching part-time

    678-212-7542 ECON 2105
    678-212-7541 Secretary ECON 2106
    678-212-7505 FAX POLS 1101

    Associate Professor of Economics and Political Science
    Business and Social Science Department

    Georgia Perimeter College
    Clarkston Campus, CL1200
    555 N. Indian Creek Drive
    Clarkston, GA 30021



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    Milton Friedman
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    Who Pays What in Income Taxes?
    Competitive Enterprise Institute
    National Taxpayers Union
    Bionomics Institute
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    Citizens for a Sound Economy
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    Adam Smith Institute
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    US Interventions
    The Chicken Hawks
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     Presidential Elections 1789-2008
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     Georgia Political Science Association
     Future of Freedom Foundation
    Israel & Palestine Maps
     World's Smallest Political Quiz
     Bastiat's The Law
     Acton Institute
     American Civil Liberties Union
     Amnesty International
     Liberty Dollar Bill
     Democratic Party
       Libertarian Party
      Reform Party
     Republican Party
     Freedom House
    Institute for Justice
    My Articles
     John Locke
     Tom Paine
     Thomas Jefferson
     George Washington
    Algernon Sidney
     The War for Independence
      Colonial Williamsburg
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     Declaration of Independence
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     Bill of Rights
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    Policy Analysis
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