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Jeff taught Physics 1111 Lab on the GPC Decatur Campus in Summer 2012:

Jeff taught Physics 2211 Lab on the GPC Decatur Campus in Spring 2012:

Jeff taught Physics 2212 Lab on the GPC Decatur Campus in Fall 2011:

Jeff Tutors Math, Physics, Chemistry, and some Computer Science:

Jeff's Fall 2012 GPC Tutoring Hours:

GPC Learning and Tutoring Centers (LTC):

Online Math Tutoring at GPC

GPC's HP/MESA Lab in CH-3240 on Clarkston Campus

Gwinnett County Public Library offered free access to tutoring via back in 2009:

GPC's pre-Nursing and Nursing Tutorial Lab in CH-1140 on Clarkston Campus:

Some Private Tutors

Helpful Math,Chemistry,Biology,Physics Links from Dunwoody's Science Center

Helpful Links for many subjects from GPC's Center for Teaching and Learning

General Study Tips:

Some Useful Math Links:

Some Useful Physics Links:

Some Useful Computer Science Links:

Some Useful Chemistry Links:

Online Math, Science, and Inspirational Videos:

More About Jeff

Miscellaneous Links:

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