Nautiloid Cephalopods

The Nautiloid Cephalopods are the group of Cephalopods that have a simple suture pattern to the shell. The suture is either gently curved or nearly straight.

Chambered Nautilus

The Chambered Nautilus is a living species of the Nautiloid Cephalopods. As you can see in the picture below the shell of the Nautilus is subdivided into various rooms which are connected by a tube called the siphuncle. They are able to use the shell as a buoyance compensation device. They can fill the rooms (camera) with water, air, or possibly sediment to balance their body in the water. This makes the Cephalopod an excellent predator.

Ordovician Nautiloid Cephalopod

This specimen is from the Ordovician, (Richmond) of southwestern Ohio. The specimen was collected on the banks of the Stillwater River, close to Triangle Park in Dayton, Ohio. This is a popular spot for classes of the Dayton Museum of Natural History, summer program.
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