Arm skeleton and muscles

Dr. John V. Aliff
Human Anatomy and Physiology


Case Studies

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Study Guide Chapters

Man doing experiment: scientific method chapter link
Scientific Method

Molecule diagram for chemistry chapter link
Chemistry for Human Anatomy and Physiology
and Practice Test
Cell - cell chapter link
Section of skin - link for tissues chapter
Huiman skin photo - link for Integument chapter
Integument: Skin, Hair and Nails
Anterior skull - link for bone tissues chapter
Bone Tissue 
Skull and vertebral column - link for axial skeleton chapter
Axial Skeleton
Arm skeleton - link for appendicular skeleton chapter
Appendages and Joints

Muscle Tissues and Physiology

Extra Credit 1 - Muscle cd

Aliff's physique - Human muscles - link for chapter
Human Muscles

Nervous Tissues and Physiology
Extra Credit 2 - Neuro 1 cd
Neuro 2 Extra Credit
Spinal cord and spinal canal - link to chapter
Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves
Sagittal section of skull and brain - link to chapter
Brain and Cranial Nerves
Diagram of sympathetic and parasymapthetic nervous system - link to chapter on Autonomic nervous system
Autonomic Nervous System
Longitudinal section of eye - link  to senses chapter

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