Nursing Satisfaction

Please answer the following:

1. What is your age?     

2.  What type of nursing program did you graduate from? 

3.  How long have you been in nursing? 

4.  Do you consider nursing a professionor a job ?.

5.  What is your specialty?

6.  In what position are you employed? 

7.  By what size facility are you employed? 

8.  By what type of facility are you employed? 

9.  What type of unit do you work in over 80% of the time? 

10.  How many beds are on your unit?

11.  What is the nurse patient ratio?  

Rate the following on a scale of 1 – 5:

1 = Unsatisfied, 2 = Somewhat unsatisfied, 3 = Somewhat satisfied, 4 = Satisfied, 5 = Very satisfied.

12.  If you have been employed less than one year how satisfied were you with your orientation period?

13.  How satisfied were you with your preceptor?

14.  How satisfied were you with the nursing staff as a resource? 

15.  How satisfied were you with the work environment? 

16.  How satisfied are you with the ability to advance within your facility? 

17.  How satisfied are you with the ability to advance within the nursing profession?

Answer Yes or No to the Following: 

18.  Did you have more than one preceptor?  Yes No

             If yes, How many

19.  Do you agree with the staffing at your facility?  Yes No   

20.  Have you left the traditional nursing role?   Yes No

      If yes, what do you do? 

     If no, why have you stayed?

21.  Do you feel management supports staff?  Yes No

22.  Do you think you are adequately compensated?    Yes No

23.  Are you satisfied with the hours that you work?   Yes No

24.  Was there a mentor available to you?     Yes No 

25.  Do you feel a mentor would make a difference?    Yes No 

26.  Are you a member of your state nurse’s assoc.       Yes No 

      If NO, Why not?

Choose one to answer the following:

27.  What do you consider the biggest problem on the job?

Staffing                         Pay

Staff Attitudes               Patient/Family Attitudes

Shift/Hours                   Lack of Respect From MD

Lack of Support from Management

Other (please explain below)

28.  On a scale of 1 – 10  (one = worst and 10 = very satisfied) how would you rate your satisfaction with the nursing profession? 

29.  Why did you become a nurse? Fifty (50) words or less.

30.  What would you do to make the nursing profession more appealing?