Dr. Charles B. Schroen

Foreign Languages and English as a Second Language

Dunwoody Campus

2101 Womack Rd. 
Dunwoody, GA 30338


ENSL 0081-203

MW 2:30-3:45


ENSL 0090-263

MW 5:30-8:15


ENSL 0091-221

F 9:00-11:45


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Note: If you are enrolled in one of my courses for this semester (2009 fall), please follow these guidelines.

(1) Attend the first class session; find out what the books are for that course and when you need each book; then purchase your books. In my courses, a student never really needs a text for the first class session.

(2) Arrive on campus early enough to get to the classroom before the class session begins. This is not as easy as it might seem, considering the traffic situation at the Dunwoody campus. The traffic is particularly hectic at the beginning of a semester.

(3) Come with an open mind, a desire to learn, a willingness to be challenged, eagerness to participate, and plenty of patience. Language learning requires all of these.

(4) If the link to your course is not active (the list on the left side of this page), it will be active soon. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

(5) If for some reason you have questions for me before the semester begins, please contact me via email (charles.schroen@gpc.edu).

Finally: If you had a chance to watch some of the action in the Tour de France this past July, good for you. If you did not have any opportunity to watch the broadcasts or if you are uncertain what the Tour de France is, please click on the link to browse the pages. Or try this link as well.