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  •  Welcome to Dr. McCloskey's Web Page

    Welcome to Dr. McCloskey's  (aka Campbell's) Webpage      

       Office:  2608 NE             Phone:  770 274 5060      

        Email:  candice.campbell@gpc.edu                            



       Advising and Tutoring hours during Finals Week Spring Semester 2015

             Mon     9:30 - 1

            Tues     12:00 -2

            Wed     1:30-5:30

            Thurs    9:30 - 2         

    Spring 2015 Classes

                Chem 1211        General Chem I              

                Chem 2641        Organic Chem I

           Chem 2642       Organic Chem II

           Chem 2641 L     Organic Chem I lab

            Chem 2642 L    Organic Chem II lab



    Article on taking standardized exams


     CHEMISTRY CLUB- end of semester party at the mellow mushroom Friday night May 1



    Announcements - if anyone would like a pdf copy of the Organic text, here is the link: 




    Periodic Table

    Fun Links      Check out this video

    Chemical of the Week

    What's that Stuff?


    Link to Department Website       

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    In fond memory of Pokey the hedgehog

        Mar 2004 - Mar 2007

              We miss you.

    My new puppy, Josie  Dec 2004                                                                                          


    Josie at 2 years


    Buffy at 1 week:


    Buffy at 5 weeks:    More chicks! Here are Chippy, Spunky and Emily



    The newest member of the family is Snug:






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