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  •  Diane Kreutzer, Business and Social Sciences

    Diane Kreutzer

    Department of Business and Social Sciences

    Office Location: A-1393
    Office Hours: M-F12:00p-3:00pm or by appointment
    Phone: (678)407-5067 (Office Phone)
    Email Address: ckreutze@gpc.edu
    Course Information: Psyc 1101H M/W/F Syllabus -- Psyc 1101 Notes
    Psyc 1101 M/W Syllabus
    Journal Article: Life Satisfaction and Life Demands

    Psyc 2103 Syllabus -- Psyc 2103 Notes

    Psyc 2618 Syllabus -- Psyc 2618 Notes

    Informed consent form

    Psyc 2621H Syllabus M/W --  Psyc 2621 Notes
    Psyc 2621 Syllabus T/H


    HEDS 1101 Notes

    Many of the links are Word documents and therefore require MS Word to view them; they are best viewed using Internet Explorer.