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    Calculator Online Help Sessions/Workshops


    Prior to entering the Wimba Workshop room, please run the Wimba Setup.

    copy and paste the following address to access the workshop room:


    When clicking on the Wimba Workshop link in the above flyer, students should select "Participant" login, and just enter their first and last names.  There are no assigned usernames/passwords for the Wimba room. 

    iCollege ids and passwords will not work here. 


    Links to videos/archives of past calculator workshops:

    General Calculator, Tuesday, 8/24/10, 10 am

    Statistics, Tuesday, 8/24/10, 8:15 pm

    Statistics, Thursday, 8/26/10, 11 am

    General Calculator, Tuesday, 10/19/10, 2 pm

    General Calculator, Thursday, 1/27/11, 6 pm

    Other Calculator Resources for TI-83/84