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Famille: du nord-est des USA ( Boston + Rhode Island)See pictures                                                                                  neveu, niece


Formation:    Université de Georgie B.A. ;  Université de Californie, M.A.

Artistes préférés:    Manet  Chanson francaise que j'aime beaucoup   Chanson américaine que j'aime beaucoup


Un tres bon livre que je recommande:  THE LAST LECTURE, by Randy Pausch  (in English)

Other songs found below

                      WHY STUDY FRENCH ?  See this little video with subtitles     Sister cities ~Villes jumelles(France/Amerique)


Recette !  gazpacho!

I left out the chives and sugar.  I used V-8 juice instead of tomato juice.  We shook in a few extra

times with the tabasco and worcestershire and it was DELICIEUX !



Clips, interviews, music, etc.

*Common French expressions   Listen at bbc site

*Conjugate a verb FAST !    To conjugate any verb in every tense FAST !

* Accent marks

using ALT + side keypad (see ECRIRE en francais on lefthand sidebar to copy off codes)  (This way , you are able to do accents in powerpoint and in i College.)   History of  < accent circonflex > (attention!  En français!)

    *  Dictionnaire    Good dictionary just to look up a words, not to translate homework !  Look up any word in RECHERCHE   For etymology (origin of words )  etc.    Put in a word to hear the pronunciation at this site'amour

   *Chansons  ( Songs in French )   Yannick Noah JE SUIS TOMBE (reggae -ish) p.c.   Calogero chante C'EST DIT    articles indefinis   SONG Toi + Moi (see words also)   stress pronouns   Words to video TOI PLUS MOI   Je ne sais pas de Jacques Brel       "Je ne sais pas" expression      "Une sorte d'église "  by DARAN   "Aquarium"  A different sound by DARAN, a little more Huey Lewis like....    "Dormir dehors"  by DARAN  (rock)    classic Jacques BREL  "Song of Old Loves/Lovers" ~ a tender love song   DOUBLE MISE de Willy Denzey (song from High School Musical) mais en francais   From LES CHORISTES    Les Rita Mitsouko   MARCIA BAILA   Faudel   MON PAYS  (words below video + futur, conditionnel)    Faudel  IL Y A   Song to sing fast for pronunciation (about coffee)    Tu m'as promis video and song  Elton John and Pavarotti    er verbs  ~nice song by BERRY  Les cornichons !   Song with avoir besoin ; also contraction de + le = du  vs. de la   interview LA GRANDE SOPHIE

    *French poetry   Poetry (some recited for you to listen to)

     *French art    Art


* Best sites  to test yourself   Test your French - different levels   Test your French , levels 1-4 (20 questions)    Test yourself to find your level (niveau ) 1, 2 , 3


*exercises on grammar  we study   Explains moods and tenses in French, English   Good exercises to practice on  vocab and grammar we cover   French grammar     Powerpoints    Univ. of Houston based on their textbook, lots of grammar and vocab


*   listening comprehension   Depardieu comme Cyrano  (son nez)  Many topics from beginning levels   A little more challenging dialogues ,  cliquez Ma France, go to map, click "Holidays", then listen to the 2 out of 3 that we didn't do in class, in order to discuss etc. on Mon. July 2.   to listen to pop music in French mixed with pop music in English   Fables de la Fontaine   Fable " La cigale et la fourmi"     Fable "Le corbeau et le renard"   Short videos on many topics   Listening on various topics and text to accompany them  If you click and log in here, you can see the French in Action series out of Yale University by Pierre Capretz, starting with greetings (chpt. 2).  Choose foreign language then login then choose FRENCH IN ACTION to watch videos.  Prévert poem to listen to

       * nouns   Good all around source for a lot of vocabulary in French, organized by topic some pronounced for you!   This site lets you choose from the powerpoints they have which are really good!
See typical day for LA ROUTINE.   See buying clothes for clothing vocab.   another Picture Dictionary (lots of topics) NOUNS

*  50 most common words in French

  *  verbs  A lot of verbs of all sorts!  VERBS   To conjugate verbs in any tense fast (done for you)   for YOU to conjugate verbs in every tense~  just log in and then use school code 369 to practice


SMS or short message service or words used in texting    abbreviations for texting    same as above   same as above



      *To learn about the French culture + civilisation: language  , history , famous people of French, France   Les Gaulois    Quotations about language;  citations Famous French people---- à identifier    French civilization

    *  university site    Global Education site, about Paris IV, the Sorbonne, and other schools in the world   All different sites, heritage, cuisine, etc. CORTLAND   portraits de Marie Antoinette   peinture medievale  Info on Paris sites   map of Paris  monuments    Beautiful photos of Paris   PHOTO DU JOUR/  Paris    Bibliothèque Nationale de France

                          Paris avec musique

* Make a mini-movie !    court métrage  COMPREHENSION ECRITE at LE POINT DU FLE   SONGS at LE POINT DU FLE  Guy talking about how to take good pictures of countryside  Victor Hugo's DEMAIN DES L'AUBE  Listening comprehension with vacations