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Week 1  Explanation in English for c'est / ce sont vs. il est, elle est   Listen to c'est vs. il est....  Good ex. after explanation above  A club type song with IL EST ....   Old hippie song  from Emerson, Lake & Palmer with  "c'est..."   Try this exercise with c'est and il est  Exercise with C'est vs. Il est    Exercise (pictures)  with C'est AND Il est  Eartha Kitt chante  "C'est si bon "!    Calogero chante "C'est dit"   *see words in next line     Calogero chante avec paroles en anglais et en francais !  Paroles (written) pour  Calogero qui chante " C'est dit".

WEEK 2  Time ~ ecouter    Pronouncing time   Time  Quelle heure est-il ?  exercise   Time  Quelle heure est-il ?  (we did in class)    time   (go down to time, under weather)  telling time   Quelle heure est-il ?   Game with time   Listen for activity and time and click appropriate dot (scroll down to 2nd part)   To listen to the major reflexive verbs pronounced (click little speaker you see on page next to lists of words)   Some good words to help you write your 1/2 page essay about your daily routine   Ecoutez la routine (une petite fille) Under VIDEOS on righthand side of page, pick LA ROUTINE   Reflexive verbs to pronounce them   Click  DAILY ROUTINE to listen and fill in the blanks    exercice, articles de la salle de bain   Some of the most common reflexive verbs, good ones to know  Short exercise with reflexives   Pierrick (match photo with what is said)


WEEK 3   Listen to -ir verbs pronounced   Explanation of partir, s'en aller, sortir in English   Exercise with "partir, etc."  to conjugate and hear -ir verb forms     Daran chante DORMIR DEHORS   adverbes de fréquence    adverbes d'intensité    Jacques Prevert   CET AMOUR   Pour toi mon amour Jacques Prevert  at 1:57    Jacques Prevert, another short poem heard in next link just below this one    same as above   at 1:30


TEST 1    Prononciation, vocabulaire vetements d'homme  Prononciation, vetements de femme  exercise , les vetements   vetements, couleurs, etc.   Défilé de Mode (fashion show, runway models) to help you with your fashion show lingo....   mots associes   La mode !   exercice 2 "mettre"   exercice 3 "mettre"   vetements, pronounce  Exercise, colors   Exercise, colors   clothing conversion of sizes    LA REDOUTE , pour faire du shopping   Defiles 2010-2011   dialogue about clothing (salesperson and client)  (click couleurs to review colors)    Learn expressions for shopping...(the lines of vocabulary are listed under the video if you want to read to pronounce just listening to the video without looking at it.)



WEEK  5   Exercise, comparatif    Comparatif explanation + exercise TESTEZ VOUS at bottom of page (click)  Exercice , comparatif  Comparatif  Comparatif   Meilleur ?  (a different soccer player) to pronunciation of PLUS  - no sound, z sound ,or s sound  comparative exercise  Comparatif, meilleur(e) (adj.) vs. mieux (adv.)   meilleur(e)  vs. mieux  (both mean better and best),+moins+bon&source=bl&ots=w6cf_kr972&sig=x65iCdYAU4KuwLETcQwdv7fGkZg&hl=en&ei=VXBCSvzuOdmntgeLpvibCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=9

Explanation of MOINS BIEN, MOINS BON, as discussed in class.   PLUS BIEN and PLUS BON are not accepted as correct-----must use meilleur(e) or mieux, but as challenged by some in the class,  moins bien and moins bon are correct in French,+moins+bon+%2B+grammaire&source=bl&ots=hw8P76CCD2&sig=ZQtxXHLV8lw4g-Q7U6i8Aomj8Ks&hl=en&ei=Wm5DSv2HKMmJtge-7eyuAg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=2    Page 118 of the Grammar Book  ~~~Another source with explanation of MOINS BON as discussed in class Wed.    moins bien, moins bon....   pronunciation verbes en -re  More on -re verbs   -re verbs exercice.   exercise with re verbs







WEEK 7   La météo ! + questions   actual sounds, pics   Exercise to identify weather  Try to catch the words that you know in his report      METEO audio   to listen to the various words pertaining to weather   more faire expressions, weather, etc.  vocabulary related to weather (listen and pronounce)   La METEO (the weather) Quel temps fait -il ? La météo!   hear seasons and months  exercise, seasons    song  Sous le ciel de Paris  (with subtitles)   song Sous le ciel de Paris (Yves Montand; Edith Piaf)   Sous le ciel de Paris  par Juliette Greco {also in the movie AN EDUCATION, 2009}  hear pronunciation of p.c.  hear être and avoir in p.c. pronounced for you (watch out for avoir's past participle pronounced like 'u'   and both these verbs use AVOIR as the auxiliaire  cengage listen to p.c. and fill in  short exercise with p.c.  Exercise p.c. + avoir   song with p.c. + vetements    Le Dejeuner du Matin par Jacques Prévert (a prononcer au p.c.)  Also at this link, you can see entire poem and hear it:,articleId-25531.html  Explanation of p.c. with AVOIR   Choose correct sentence for picture   Tu m'as promis ! SONG with p.c.    Tu m'as promis SONG with p.c.  +  WORDS   Make your own comic strip with p.c.  



WEEK 8  Scroll down and listen to and see past participles (second half of a verb in the p.c.    house of ETRE animated   AVOIR or ETRE with monter, descendre, sortir....   To practice 2 or 3 verbs which could go with ETRE or AVOIR ...(descendre, monter,  sortir (grammar change)  (or PASSER for meaning changes)  Try these helping verbs, avoir or etre.   Illustration of most coming, going verbs which use "être", not "avoir" as helping verb   hear pronounced two verbs that use "être" in p.c.  Listen to pronunciation of p.c. + reg. verbs    JE SUIS TOMBE Yannick Noah Song with p.c.   HOUSE OF ETRE ---verbs using etre in past tense    Exercise with "etre"   a similar HOUSE OF ETRE  Where to place adverbs with p.c.  Exercise , p.c. with "etre"  Exercise to listen to AVOIR and ETRE in p.c.    TAHITI  (Song)   p.c.   Exercise with passe compose  verbs conjugated with "etre" etre, with reflexive   Exercise, try it and then see the corrections when you click corrections    to conjugate verbs in p.c. and the school code is 369



ttp://   exercise with QUEL   exercice/jeu avec "quel"   exercice  "quel" comme interrogatif   exercice avec "quel"   exercise , quel    exercice QUEL   Exercise to fill in blank then listen   Exercise QUEL etc.   Another exercise with Quel    Going from Quel (s), Quelle (s) + noun  to lequel lesquels, laquelle, lesquelles to replace quel + noun  -ir/iss verbs   verbes en ir/iss   Practice endings on ---ir/iss verbs    verbes en ir/iss



WEEK 10   La maison

ttp://   School when they were young, listen...  Listen to imparfait   Answer questions in imparfait   conjugation chart of verbs in imparfait   pronunciation of imparfait   "manger" (verbs with -GER) in imparfait   Listen to pronunciation of several verbs in imparfait   Chanson Georges Moustaki  (imparfait)   ON SAVAIT, by la Grande Sophie, song with imparfait   Another song by la Grande Sophie MEME PAS  (p.c. + good vocab, tune)    Good explanation of imparfait   Exercise with imparfait   Exercise, imparfait    Jacques Brel chante BRUXELLES (beaucoup d'imparfait)   World Cup 1998 description in exercise with imparfait   La chambre, vocabulaire  furniture in room (meubles)  Rooms (pièces) of the house  furniture to place in the rooms  Listen to pronounciation of furniture in a living room   bedroom vocabulary  I   bedroom vocabulary  II   bedroom vocabulary III


WEEK 11  La chambre (listen)   Rooms of the house + activities   Les maisons a vendre (sud)  Apparts a vendre (Paris)  Vocabulaire, le salon  More vocab for salon, living, séjour....  Vocabulaire, la chambre (à coucher)  More vocab for la chambre  Vocabulaire, la salle de bain   More vocab, for la salle de bain   Help Olivier decorate his room, wait until the music stops as it has to load first

  BONUS due by Thurs. APRIL 29 1pm if you want credit for this, 15 pts.   Place rooms correctly    pouvoir, devoir, vouloir   Listen to "vouloir" and "pouvoir" and click for correct form to fill in    Listen to verb "devoir" and fill in   Listen to verb "pouvoir" and fill in  Listen to verb "vouloir" and fill in
  verbes en -ir comme partir, dormir, sortir, etc.    Objets directs    Objets    Objets again  Objets exercise   Paul Eluard LIBERTE, ecrire  to be able to pronounce your 4 lines well , listen  Liberte , j'ecris ton nom...  Again, this is everywhere!   Paul Eluard LIBERTE, ecrire     A guy's curriculum vitae in song: imparfait, passe compose, acronymes etc.   Pronounce  questions with  verb "pouvoir"      Interpretation of NE ME QUITTE PAS    Cirque du Soleil, NE ME QUITTE      Qui chante NE ME QUITTE PAS    Qui chante NE ME QUITTE PAS   Jacques Brel chante NE ME QUITTE PAS     Sting   SMS


  p.c. vs. present ECOUTEZ !  French powerpoints to use       Diplomatie video   Ne me quitte pas, funny guy in Cirque de Soleil   Brian Joubert skating Vancouver   Faudel MON PAYS    Ca m'enerve , song with fashion, macarons  etc.  cric?  black card  Pick out pop song you like best   famous French dates in history