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To learn to ask questions of your prof in French concerning the lesson


WEEK 1   Listen to these people say their names   Saying hello in French   Most common greetings   Greeting each other in French  Telling where you are from  pronunciation of greetings   Listen to these various "salutations"  Listen to cartoon, a

conversation using basic greetings  Click on characters and drag

what they are saying into bubble   Je m'apppelle Funny Bear  (song, annoying song....)    TELEFRANCAIS Episode 1 (bonjour, etc. Je m'appelle , C'est)


WEEK 2 numbers   (start with 1-12 as in this chpt.)   Pronounce alphabet  l'alphabet + vocabulaire        Hear and pronounce alphabet and learn a few new words along the way!   Try pronouncing these acronyms, like SNCF for the French railway system,  BD for a cartoon,  UE for European Union etc.  (rather difficult)  Listen to introduction --- Je m'appelle and use of "être"....>Watch the second one about greetings...   What nationality applies to city given?    Give nationality for each   Identify nationality and sport they like or don't like  Listen to introduction of 1 actor/ 1 actress....    Interview LA GRANDE SOPHIE

WEEK 3   Hear and pronounce  alphabet + accent marks  (for the exercise, click ECOUTEZ, then click the box (case) of the letter you hear pronounced.  Wait for this one to open, takes a few seconds...   les accents   When one word ends in a vowel and the next word starts with a vowel, do not stop your voice in the middle but rather slur them together into one sound.  Try these at this link.   Listen to words spelled so you know how to spell them with acccent marks (<majuscule > means "capital letter"   TRAIT D'UNION is not an accent, it is punctuation   Letters that are silent in French  Numbers pronounced again,  with time for you to pronounce after each   chantez (sing) l'alphabet   pronounce the alphabet   Try to write the letters pronounced   See the various sounds for ai, ei, e accent grave, e accent circonflex   Listen to nasal sound "in" and its variations  2 vowel sound   ou, au etc.


WEEK 4   Alphabet, epelez....(spell)   Practice these most common vowel sounds in French   determinants  pronounce the articles  LE, LA , LES, L'  ("the")   exercise le, la , les   exercise  le, la les Carla Bruni chante-  popular song using the articles le, la , les, l'   pays d'Europe avec le, la, les


WEEK 5   Time  Quelle heure est-il ?  (we did in class)  Find correct / incorrect phone nos.  Time ~ ecouter    Pronouncing time   Time  Quelle heure est-il ?  exercise    time   (go down to time, under weather)  telling time   Quelle heure est-il ?   Game with time    La mer (Finding Nemo)


WEEK 6   Listen to SUBJECT pronouns je, tu, il  , etc.   Listen to SUBJECT pronouns again (used with VERBS)   ILS or ELLES ? Listen   Pronounce "etre"   "etre"  Listen and match "etre"   Fill in (or drag) exercise with "etre"  Listen to -er verbs pronounced  Exercise -er verbs  Exercise -er verbs + pronunciation  Exercise -er verbs   Lots of -er verbs in song DESTINATION AILLEURS, Yannick Noah    Practice conjugating -er verbs!  (Sign in first...) school code is   369  Exercise -er verbs   Où habites - tu ?    Ou est-ce qu'ils travaillent?  LISTEN

WEEK 7  Listen to use of  pronoun "on"   Parler (listen to) and conjugate another -er verb  Explanation of -er verb spellings and pronunciation   How to put the negative in a simple sentence   Practice making a sentence negative  days +  vocab such as today,  yesterday, tomorrow, week, weekend  Exercise days of the week  Cute children's song with days of week    Create a 6 block cartoon conversation using -er verbs and either send to me at or copy it off to bring to class next week (week 8 ) or both!   12 pts.


WEEK 8   Explanation of key interrogatifs     Exercise with interrogatives   Compose a question...word order   Listen to Monsieur Pourquoi for Interrogatives   Inversion form of Interrogatives   To practice inversion  Stress pronouns refer to what SUBJECT pronoun  good explanation of use of stress pronouns  stress pronouns pronounced  Listen to stress pronouns with pics  stress pronouns exercise    SONG Toi plus Moi de Gregoire   typical French calendar, with days of the week, Saints' birthdays, holidays   Put the months in order

ttp://   Game with days of week, months, for practice    song  Sous le ciel de Paris  (with subtitles) {also in the movie AN EDUCATION, 2009}   song Sous le ciel de Paris (Yves Montand; Edith Piaf)   The most famous  "pourquoi" perhaps>..

WEEK 9  





WEEK 11   To hear pronounced "avoir"  then "être"  Explains negation with articles, un, une, des, or any other partitive de la, du, etc.    song " J'ai besoin de la lune " MANU CHAO   Easy exercise with "avoir"    Try use of "avoir" or "être"  Exercise with verb "avoir" ( use with age also)  Listen to classroom items students are buying  More classroom items   Jacques Prévert's DEJEUNER DU MATIN, fill in definite articles  fill in exercise with DEFINITE article  fill in exercise with INDEFINITE article



WEEK 11     Qu'est-ce que c'est, un adjectif ? (des exemples)      nationalités = adjectifs  To identify adj. in masc/fem which are pronounced identically or not   To distinguish which adj. is being pronounced        adjectifs  ex.  exercise, adj.  another exercise with adj. agreement   Exercise, adj.   exercise, adj.   exercise, adj.   exercise, adj.   song with lots of adj. ending in -if


WEEK 12   C'est vs. Il est   Explanation  of c'est vs. il est   Listen to explanation in English of C'est vs. Il est   Try this exercise with c'est and il est    Exercise (pictures)  with C'est AND Il est  Eartha Kitt chante  "C'est si bon "!   C'est dit  (song with C'est)  Explanation in English for c'est / ce sont vs. il est, elle est   Listen to c'est vs. il est....  Good ex. after explanation above  A club type song with IL EST ....   Old hippie song  from Emerson, Lake & Palmer with  "c'est..."  Exercise with C'est vs. Il est


WEEK 14    JOUER  au or JOUER du etc.  exercise   Multiple choice , places in town    Exercise with au, aux, à la, à l'    contractions (du, au, etc)   Try exercise with au, aux, etc. and de la, du which follows the same rule as au, aux, à la, à l'   Places in town  Try to  remember places in town as you listen to them pronounced    Photos of Paris quiz format    Beautiful photos of Paris   Photos de Paris      Jolies photos deParis      Current photos of Paris and Parisian life   Virtual tour of the Eiffel Tower    exercice , aller   Exercice verbe "aller"   Exercice ~ aller   Exercice, verbe "aller"   Near future with "aller" + another verb VTT = mountain bike or vélo tout terrain


WEEK 15  Explanation again of contractions with 'de' etc.   places in town, directions, roads etc.   Listen and repeat to given directions    Try to figure out your way to the places in town






WEEK 16   exercise - la famille    List  of  family vocabulary    La famille  Listen to members pronounced, then try exercises  Simple song about the family   Video of people talking about their marital status, if they have children etc.  script given as well  To hear pronunciation of the family

Listen to possessive adjectives   Fill in with possessive adj.  Fill in 2   Fill in 3  Fill in 4   Fill in to turn in   Fill in to turn in 2    Fill in to turn in 3  Fill in to turn in 4 How to show possession when a name is involved   exercise with possessif  Listen to people discussing possessions   Fill in with possessif  Other ways to show possession besides possessive adjectives






Other:  Carla Bruni chante LE TOI DU MOI  Exercise with AVOIR  Pronounce correctly verb "avoir"  Avoir, use of...  choose verb (avoir ) or (être)  Good listening site   Verb "AVOIR"   explains negation NE...PAS with "avoir" + un, une, des   ETRE ou AVOIR     Il y a = There is or There are   French pronunciation to distinguish between sounds  Scroll down for info of origins of French holiday   Prénoms - Popular first names in 2006   These young people are introducing themselves.  Read for understanding.   Listen to this list of numbers, try math below...   pronounce these numbers and try listening to Bingo game   First and last names, spelling, video 1  First and last names, spelling video 2  prounounce numbers under FRENCH    Numbers pronounced

ttp://  Listening exercise with age, nationality, name etc.  Birthdays of famous artists !   Calendrier scolaire ~ FRANCE  (school year)   Listen to descriptions using adjectives   Pronunciation for

family, adjectives, -er   Song with months and GOOD vocabulary to know (and holiday references)   dates, numbers, months

h  days +  vocab such as today,  yesterday, tomorrow, week, weekend  Pick out "ils" form of -er verbs and others in this song   Watch this Episode 7 of TELEFRANCAIS  < JE COURS >  by French Rock band KYO (song)   Words to song JE COURS above    Listen to the description using adj. -er verbs...

         Annuler = Cancel   Cliquer = Click     Verifier = Check   avec son= with sound     sans son = without sound   To answer questions in the Lab  Explanation of 3 different types of

 interrogatifs in French   Exercise, QUI EST-CE or QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST ?  Pronunciation of QUI EST-CE (who is it?) + QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST(what is it) , then showing possession, who the item belongs to....C'est la guitare DE ?   Qui est-ce , qu'est-ce que c'est   Formulate questions with QUI   Liaison , or not,  when pronouncing interrogatives   Exercise, interrogatifs   Pronunciation with QUI   Listen to how to describe yourself when someone asks you questions   Click correct answer   Exercise with Q/A  Exercise, interrogatives   Exercise, interrogatives    explanation of interrogatives   Fix order of interrogatives   short exercise with interrogatives   More Interrogatifs !  Click the right answer to question you hear   Try these Interrogatives...   MONSIEUR POURQUOI   Une question pour le Président Sarkozy     to practice INVERSION of questions   Exercise, inversion

Learn as many expressions of < faire > as you can, especially ones that resemble English or use words we've already learned....        exercise and explanation verb FAIRE  Hear pronunciation of verb < faire >   more expressions with 'faire'  Fill in exercise with "faire"  pictures of /exercise "faire"       faire expressions    faire expressions   faire exercise  faire  exercise with expression of faire, classroom items  Look at one town, listen about one other town..  DICTEE to PRACTICE WRITING about the town   Click on the PREPOSITION to see an example of the word in picture form\   Place the colored squares as instructed (Prepositions)    Prepositions, describe where things are    prepositions with a cat    Giving directions with prepositions   Exercise, PREPOSITIONS
     Nombres 60 +   Listen to numbers (ALL) at this  Listen to telephone no. and more  Identify places at the

 university  Vocabulary for SCHOOL   How to form imperatif   Listen to exercise with  good examples of Imperatif

 site   IMPERATIF , or commands (using 3 forms of the present tense

that you basically already know...)    Exercise with Imperatif'imperatif%20p1.htm    Again, an exercise with Imperatif   One of the very few irregular Imperatifs (very!) - ETRE                                  Irregular (somewhat) Imperatif - ALLER   Irregular (very!) Imperatif - AVOIR   Read about the "tu" form of the -er verbs especially  in this one   Try these IMPERATIF and then scroll down the page to see answers  Further explanation of IMPERATIF and you will see

the verbs AVOIR and ETRE again as really irregular ones...   The MARSEILLAISE (French National Anthem) using Imperatif...   Practice pronunciation after lady speaking "etudiants"  "habitent"   then try fill in with info in text you heard     LISTENING COMPREHENSION