Math Compass - Guidelines and Hints


Your exit test is scheduled for _______________________  time:_____________  arrive at:___________


Study for the test using:

·         your Math 0098 assessments and module practice problems

·         the practice tests provided at Andrea Hendricks’ web site

·         GPC computerized COMPASS tutorials in computer labs (ask you instructor about these)

·         sample questions at 


The days before you take the test:

·         Get enough sleep.

·         Maintain your habits for exercising and eating.

·         Check out the ACT web site  for general information on the COMPASS


Test day:

·         Eat normally the day of the test.

·         Where: Testing Center of appropriate campus. Review campus directions and maps, if needed. Plan to arrive 30 minutes early.

·         Bring a GPC student ID or driver’s license.

·         Know your GPC student number, instructor's name, and course section number.

·         The Testing Center will provide a graphing calculator and scratch paper.

·         Dress comfortably and in multiple layers.

·         Food, drinks, books, notes, and children are not allowed in the Testing Center.


While taking the Compass:

·         The Testing Administrator will check your student ID and assign you a computer once you enter the testing room. You will also be asked to read some instructions before you begin your test.

·         You will be given one sheet of scratch paper at a time. If you need another sheet, the testing administrator will take the used one from you and provide you with a clean sheet.

·         Testing Center personnel will not answer any questions about the test after your test has started.

·         When you are asked about the educational program, choose EXIT.

·         After you enter some demographical information, you should be given a couple of sample problems so you can get comfortable with the computer.

·         Take your time, particularly at the beginning of the test. Remember: this is not a timed test!

·         You cannot skip a problem and then go back to it. Therefore, you may not change an answer once it has been entered into the computer. If you have a tendency to make mistakes when working on a computer, write your answer down on your scratch paper and then enter your answer. (To enter your answer, you may type the letter of the correct answer, use your mouse, or use the spacebar. Once an answer is highlighted you will confirm your answer and press ENTER to submit it.)

·         If you do not know how to solve a problem, select the answer you think is most reasonable.

·         Read each problem carefully. The problems may be stated differently than you are used to seeing them.

·         On your scratch paper: Be organized, write down each problem as you work it.

·         If you miss a problem, it is very likely that you will be given almost the same problem again with the numbers changed.  Therefore, if you are given a problem almost identical to an earlier problem, you might want to go back over the original problem for a possible error. If you do get a similar problem, this does not necessarily mean you missed the earlier one!



·         When your test is over, a screen with STOP will appear. Press Enter at this time.

·         Then turn in your graphing calculator and scratch paper to the test proctor. The proctor will give you a printout with your test results before you leave the Testing Center.

·         A passing grade is 37 or higher. If you do not make a 37 on your first attempt, reschedule a retest appointment before you leave.