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    Alan Craig
    A picture of Alan Craig sitting outside the library building which houses the LTC wearing an island-style shirt and his GPC name badge.

    Interim Director, GPC Learning & Tutoring Center
    Coordinator, D
    unwoody Learning & Tutoring Center

    Office:    LRC 3350 (top floor of the library)
    Phone:    770-274-5242
    e-mail me

    NOTE (9/19/2014):  I have started to move my GPC website from this location to as part of GPC’s migration of faculty and staff individual websites/blogs to a hosted platform, Edublogs.  I will be moving and updating information and materials to the new site over the next month or two.

    I was hired as Coordinator of the Dunwoody Learning & Tutoring Center in May 2004, after spending a year teaching and tutoring math at GPC.  I was named the Interim Director of the LTC on all campuses in August 2011.

    I worked in corporate IT  for twenty-three years including seventeen in management, implementing and supporting information technology in multiple corporations. I started as a FORTRAN programmer and many years and corporations later became Chief Information Officer for a major Atlanta corporation.

    In addition to my duties as Interim Director of the GPC LTC and Coordinator of the Dunwoody LTC location, I occasionally teach mathematics, from pre-algebra to calculus. I also teach the Higher Education Seminar (HEDS)--Guide to College Success, for new students and for those in academic difficulty.

    I earned an AA in Liberal Arts from Hillsborough Community College and a BA and MA in Mathematics from the University of South Florida.  I am currently working on a doctorate in developmental education at Grambling State University. I am using Scrivener to write my dissertation.

    Write here, write now. Scrivener.

    Here is a Wordle of my dissertation proposal:


    I am a Past President of the National College Learning Center Association, NCLCA's representative to CLADEA, Treasurer of the Georgia Tutoring Association, and Associate Content Editor of LSCHE. I am also a member of the American Evaluation Association, the History of Education Society, the American Mathematical Association of Two-year Colleges, the Association for the Tutoring Profession, the National Association for Developmental Education, and the College Reading and Learning Association. I am the webmaster for both NCLCA and CLADEA.  I am married and a grandfather.

    Alan Craig

      I am waving to you from the black sand beach on Maui. I am wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt, hat, and jeans.



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